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1 Nov 2021

Mira, Redring and Triton showers compared: which is best?

With some of the cheapest Best Buys costing less than £100, you don't need to splash out to have a good shower. But how do the biggest brands compare?

We've tested 17 new showers from Mira, Redring, Triton and more. We've made four Best Buys, meaning some that cost less than £100 outshone showers four times more expensive.

Our tests include how well showers keep a steady temperature of 40°C, both under normnal conditions and when someone else is running water in the home, such as washing-up or flushing the toilet.

Read on to see how showers from Mira, Redring and Triton compare on price, controls and features.

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Mira electric showers compared

Mira Advance Flex 9.8kwMira Decor 9.5kw
Official price£400£210
ControlsSingle lever for both pressure and temperatureTwo dials (one for pressure and one for temperature)
Number of spray patterns34
Eco modeNoYes
Soap dishYesYes

Mira showers don't come cheap, there's no denying that, but many come with unique features.

The Mira Advance Flex (pictured below) is designed to be accessible, with audible beeps and colour markings for the visually impaired and easy to use fittings.

Buy the Mira Advance Flex 9.8kw now from Screwfix for £400.

The Mira Decor is in the middle of Mira's range but designed to give a premium feel with its glossy finish and minimalist controls. It comes in three different colours: white, warm silver and black.

Buy the Mira Decor 9.5kw now from Screwfix for £210.

See all our Mira shower reviews to see if they're worth paying more for.

Redring electric showers compared

Redring Pure 9.5kwRedring Bright 9.5kw
Official price£54£84
ControlsTwo dials (one for pressure and one for temperature)Two dials (one for pressure and one for temperature)
Number of spray patterns13
Eco modeYesYes
Soap dishNoYes

Redring showers tend to be cheap, with back-to-basics designs and not much in the way of extras.

This could make it ideal for first time home buyers or those looking to save, with the Redring Pure (pictured below) costing just £54.

Or you could opt for the more expensive Redring Bright shower. It's identical to the Pure (the same controls and design), but has more features.

With the shower head that comes supplied with it has three different spray patterns to choose from. Plus, it has a soap dish.

Buy the Redring Pure 9.5kW from Showerstoyou for £54 or buy the Redring Bright 9.5kW for £84.

We've found cheap Best Buy showers in the past, with many able to better deal with changes in water pressure than showers four times the price.

Read all our Redring shower reviews to see if any are great bargains.

Triton electric showers compared

Triton Excite+ 9.5kw Triton Riba 9.5kwTriton T80Z Fast Fit Thermostatic 9.5kw
Official price£115£57£115
ControlsTwo dials (one for pressure and one for temperature)Two dials (one for pressure and one for temperature)Two dials (one for pressure and one for temperature)
Number of spray patterns515
Eco modeYesYesYes
Soap dishYesNoYes

Triton has a huge range of showers for all budgets - with some for as little as £57 and others going well over £300.

This gives you plenty of choice, no matter your needs.

If you only need a basic model, or want to save money, the Triton Riba could be for you, with no option to change the shower head and no soap dish. You can buy the Triton Riba 9.5kw for £65 from Tool Station.

The Triton Excite+ (pictured below) is on the brand's many mid-range showers that includes all the basic features. You can buy the Triton Excite+ 9.5kw for £115 from Screwfix.

Triton Excite+ 9.5kw

If you want to splash out, the Triton T80Z Fast Fit is a thermostatic shower. This should mean, in theory, that it keeps a steady temperature. You can buy the Triton T80Z Fast-Fit 9.5kW direct from Triton for £125.

Read our Triton shower reviews to find the best one for you.

What's the most efficient electric shower?

Generally the more powerful a shower is the more energy and water it uses.

All showers will heat water up to a set temperature in the same way, so biggest differences mostly come from how powerful the shower is - if less water is going through the shower, it will use less energy.

That's why we check the eco mode for how much it saves compared to when the shower is on full power.

The eco modes that are easiest to use, and that save the most energy and water, will help you reduce your use.

An eco shower head can help make lower water pressure feel more powerful, helping you to use less. Read our guide to whether you should get an eco shower head.

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Which? electric shower reviews

We test showers from the biggest brands every year to find the Best Buys that won't have you waiting for it to heat up, or have it jumping in temperature everytime someone runs a tap at the same time.

The worst can jump in temperature by as much as 6°C when someone else runs the water, giving you quite a shock, while the best stay steady.

We also test:

  • How powerful the shower is in both full power and eco mode
  • How much the temperature changes
  • How long it takes for the shower to get back to the original temperature
  • How much electricity it uses
  • How easy it is to use and install
  • How quiet the shower is

For more on our testing, see how we test electric showers.