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Need cheap cabin luggage? These are the best-rated brands under £50

With the airports in chaos, it’s best to fly hand-luggage only, but which cabin bag brands, from Samsonite to Tripp, were rated best on a budget by Which? members?

You don’t need to spend big to bag good cabin luggage according to thousands of Which? members.

In fact, readers spent just £27 on average on a Cabin Max bag, but the brand received an impressive 80% customer score in our recent cabin luggage survey

The overall score - which reflects how likely owners are to recommend the brand as well as their satisfaction - closely rivalled that of Samsonite, which has been around for decades. 

Samsonite scored marginally better with 82%, but its products cost more than four times as much.

More expensive brands which came at or near to the top of the table, including Eastpak, Samsonite, Antler and John Lewis’ bags will certainly stand the test of time. They all had brilliant ratings for durability of handles, zips, wheels and the bags themselves, but you’ll pay for it. 

See our full cabin suitcase survey results to see how these top-rated companies performed in all categories - from stylishness to ease of wheeling around. 

And read on to find the cheap cabin luggage brands with bags that will set you back less than £50 on average. 

Best-rated cheap cabin luggage brand: IT Luggage

IT Luggage held its own against expensive Samsonite and Antler, gaining the same overall score: 82%. Its luggage cost owners £38 on average, making it the second cheapest but best-rated cabin bag brand under £50 in the survey - so it’s a decent option.

The brand mainly gained four and five stars in categories such as the durability of the handle and ease of wheeling it around. However, it fell down slightly in a couple of areas, scoring three out of five for stylishness and the durability of the bag itself. 

Still, overall it impressed members so much that they awarded it the full five stars for value for money.

Cheapest cabin luggage brand: Cabin Max

Owners of Cabin Max bags paid an average of £27, which is a bargain compared to Samsonite’s £123 cases and Eastpak’s £95 luggage.

But is Cabin Max any good? While we didn’t get enough respondents to generate scores in all the categories, it gained five out of five stars for value for money and an 80% customer score overall.

When buying a Cabin Max suitcase, the website cleverly allows you to search by airline, so you won’t get caught out by different restrictions. If you’re a frequent EasyJet flyer for instance you can narrow your search to cabin luggage that will meet that carrier’s criteria. 

Other cheap cabin luggage brands

Tripp and Aerolite both performed well in the cabin suitcase survey [link]. Aerolite owners paid £41 on average, which is £4 less than Tripp bags, but Tripp matched or outperformed it in every durability category. 

So it’s probably worth paying a few more pounds to be sure that the case will cope with over-zealous baggage handlers, kerbs or cobbles.

And if you want a case that stands out on the carousel, you can choose from the likes of poppy red and zesty citron on Tripp’s website.

If you’re keen to purchase a value-for-money full-sized suitcase too, see results for the best cheap suitcases.