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29 Dec 2021

New Best Buy cot mattresses from latest Which? testing

Our latest round of cot mattress tests found two that have really impressed
Mum comforting baby in cot bed

Our tough cot mattress testing puts the products through their paces, ensuring they are supportive, durable and safe for your little one to use.

We've tested six cot mattresses - finding two to be a cut above the average, and come with Best Buy recommendations.

Read on to find out which cot mattresses we've just tested, or head straight to our cot mattress reviews to see the full results.

Which cot mattresses have we tested?

On the face of it, a cot mattress is a simple product, and you'd maybe believe that they are all the same. But our testing has found this to not be the case.

There is a big difference between the levels of support different cot mattresses give your child. Several fail multiple safety tests, so could become serious hazards for your baby from the off, or after several years of use.

We've found no correlation between price and performance or price and safety. There are Best Buys under £70, and Don't Buys for over £200!

So the easiest way to know which cot mattresses to get, and which to avoid, is to read our full cot mattress reviews.

Cuggl Hypoallergenic Sprung Mattress -£60

Cuggl Sprung Cot Bed Mattress

This sprung cot mattress from Cuggl is one of the lower-priced ones we've tested. It's a simple design: the springs in the core are sandwiched between two layers of foam, with a fixed inner cover and removable outer cover on top.

The removable cover is only machine washable up to 40u00baC; we would recommend a cover that can be washed at up to 60u00baC as this will ensure any nasty germs are killed.

We've also tested the Cuggl to see how well it supports both a baby and toddler, if it will be good to use after several years of use, and if it will keep your child safe.

Does it outperform the rest? Read our full Cuggl Hypoallergenic Sprung Mattress review to see if this cheaper cot mattress is a Best Buy bargain or not.

Ickle Bubba Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress White Deluxe -£149.99

Ickle Bubba Deluxe Dual Pocket Spring Mattress

The 'dual' in this cot mattress refers to it being dual-sided: one side for newborns under 18 months and one for 18 months and over.

The difference? The newborn side has a coconut fibre mat underneath the outer foam to increase its firmness.

This extra functionality comes with a price tag with this being one of the more expensive cot mattresses we've tested.

But is it worth the pennies? Our testing has found no correlation between the price of cot mattresses and how they perform in our tests, so read our full Ickle Bubba Pocket Sprung Cot Bed Mattress White Deluxereview to find out if this is one of our latest Best Buys.

John Lewis Premium Fibre Cotbed Mattress - £65

John Lewis Premium Fibre Cot Bed Mattress

Being under £70, this cot mattress is cheaper than the majority we've tested.

Unlike the Cuggl and Ickle Bubba cot mattresses already mentioned, this one has a fibrous-web foam core. In principle, this allows for greater air flow through the mattress to help regulate your baby's temperature.

Its removable outer cover is also washable at 60u00baC.

The specs sound good, but as we've seen in previous rounds of testing, that's no guarantee of a great product. So to find out if this cot mattress is supportive, durable and safe read our full John Lewis Premium Fibre Cotbed Mattress review.

More cot mattresses from our latest tests

Head to our cot mattress reviews to see all of the cot mattresses we've tested

Why read Which? cot mattress reviews

cot mattress durability test

There are plenty of websites and forums offering reviews of cot mattresses. So why are Which? reviews a cut above the rest?

  • We buy every cot mattress we review- so our opinion is honest and unbiased.
  • We score based on lab testing - ensuring there's no unconscious bias and that when we say a cot mattress is great, there is the data to back it up.
  • We carry out durability tests - we replicate years of continual use to check a cot mattress will still provide enough support, and most importantly remains safe, for your child. A cot mattress that appears great when new, may not be so good further down the line, and our reviews let you know this.
  • We carry out rigorous safety tests - we go above and beyond to ensure a mattress will be safe for your little one. We test to the BS EN 16890:2017 + A1:2021 safety standard. While it's voluntary, manufacturers are strongly encouraged to meet it, and we've found mattresses that claim to meet the standard, and fail in our testing.

If a cot mattress we test doesn't pass the requirements set out by the safety standard we test to, we don't recommend it. So you can be certain that a recommendation from Which? means the cot mattress is safe and supportive, not just when it's new, but for years to come.

Which cot mattress should you buy? - our comprehensive guide to getting the best one for your baby

Prices last checked 17th December 2021