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2 Dec 2019

NS&I premium bond winners December 2019: who won the Christmas jackpot?

It's the last draw of 2019 - find out who won a festive £1m prize

Two lucky premium bond holders have just become millionaires after winning the jackpot prizes in December's NS&I prize draw.

Christmas might be made extra festive for the two lucky jackpot winners living in Stockport and Hampshire/Isle of Wight.

Here, we reveal the winning bond numbers picked in December, and take a look back at all of the draws in 2019 to see who's had the most luck.

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December 2019 premium bond winners

This month, the two £1m jackpot prizes were won by bond holders in Stockport and Hampshire/Isle of Wight.

The Stockport winner had £36,000 invested and bought their winning bond (309GV354472) in August 2017.

Buying bonds in August also proved lucky for the winner who lives in Hampshire/Isle of Wight. They bought their winning bond (210SF254870) in August 2013, and have a total of £50,000 invested.

Nearly 3.5m prizes were given out this month, but more than 90% of these were £500 or less. The table below shows the full breakdown of prizes for the December draw.

Value of prizeNumber of prizes

Luckiest gender in 2019

It's said that luck is a lady, and that certainly seems to be the case when it comes to premium bonds prizes. Throughout 2019, 2.2 million women have won some form of prize, compared with 2 million men.

And the big jackpot? This year has seen significantly more men bag £1m - 17, compared to only seven women.

Luckiest areas in 2019

When it comes to the £1m jackpot, the south-east is the luckiest area of the UK and saw seven of the million-pound prizes handed out this year. East of England is the second-luckiest region, with four jackpot wins.

As for all prizes, the south-east still sees the most prizes won - in 2019, more than 7.5m prizes were won by people living in this region. This is most likely because this is the area where people have bought the most premium bonds.

The south-west comes in second, with nearly 4.7m prizes, closely followed by 4.6m prizes won in the east of England.

Where are the most unclaimed prizes?

Could you be sitting on a £1m win without even realising? There's £12.4m-worth of unclaimed prizes in London alone; £9.3m in the south-east and a further £8.3m held by people who live overseas or whose address is unknown.

If you want to check whether you have an unclaimed prize, you can check using the online premium bonds prize checker - but this only works if you know your holder's ID number.

If you don't, you can use the NS&I tracing service form.

Luckiest age group

NS&I was unable to provide figures for the past couple of months, but we've recently found that - according to data covering September 2009 to August 2019 - those aged 60-69 are the luckiest.

This group generated 54 jackpot winners and have an average investment of £11,414.

The least likely age group for a big win are those aged 16-19; only one person this age has won the jackpot in the past 10 years. However, five people under the age of 16 have won the £1m prize.

The table below shows the number of premium bond jackpot winners from each age group from September 2009 to August 2019.

Age band (years)No. jackpot winnersAverage premium bond value

What are your chances of winning?

Each month 'ERNIE' (NS&I's computer) generates two random numbers that are then matched against eligible bond numbers to determine the winners.

The likelihood of any individual bond winning a prize is 24,500 to 1 - and your chances of winning increase with each bond you purchase.

The chart below shows that if you have £10,000 in premium bonds, you're 99.9% likely to win a prize at least once over the course of 12 months.

If you have £1,000 invested, however, your chances are much less.

Bear in mind that premium bond prizes are not guaranteed, due to the random nature of the draw. So, while some people will get lucky, others won't win anything.

As your cash won't be earning any interest, its value will be eroded by the effect of inflation over time if you don't win any prizes.