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Updated: 28 Mar 2022

Safety recall issued: Kitsound Funk 25 wireless earbud case at risk of overheating

All owners of the Kitsound Funk 25 headphones need to return them for a full refund

Kitsound owner Kondor has issued a safety notice for its Funk 25 truly wireless headphones, saying owners must stop using these wireless earbuds immediately and return them due to a safety fault with the charging case.

The budget Kitsound Funk 25 headphones were on sale from July 2020 to June 2021. Kondor warns the charging case has a 'risk of overheating' if connected to a charging device or power source that inputs more than five volts.

It says this means there is a 'burn risk' if the charging case is then touched.

All Kitsound Funk 25 models ever bought are affected in all the purchase colours available. Anyone who has given the Kitsound Funk 25 as a gift should alert the owner right away.

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What's the problem with the Kitsound Funk 25 wireless earbuds?

It's the charging case, rather than the earbuds, that Kondor says is at risk of overheating. The problem is not with the USB-C charging cable supplied with the headphones, but if you charge the headphones with another charging source that inputs more than five volts.

However, since it's very easy to mix and match cables at home, it's essential to return the headphones for a refund, even if you're using the supplied cable.

Kitsound says you should 'stop using the product immediately'.

How to check if your Kitsound headphones are the Funk 25

Funk is a range of headphones from Kitsound, which also includes the Funk 15 (which have a wire between the two earpieces) and the Funk 35, which have a squarer box-shaped charging case than the Funk 25.

The Funk 25 that is being recalled has a long, rounded charging case shaped a bit like an oversized Tic Tac as you can see below.

To be absolutely sure your model is the Funk 25:

  • Look for the label 'KitSound/KSFUN25' in the charging case, within the earbud recess
  • It's the '25' part of this label that confirms it's the recalled earbuds.

All batches and all colours (black, grey, pink and green) of the headphones are affected and being recalled, regardless of when they were bought. So if your headphones are the Kitsound Funk 25, you need to return them.

No other Kitsound or Kondor products are subject to recall - the Funk 15 and Funk 35 models are unaffected.

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How to return your Kitsound Funk 25 headphones

While the charging case is the faulty part of the headphones, you should return all parts of the headphones - the charging case, earbuds and the Kitsound USB-C charging cable. The earbuds can't be charged without the charging case.

However, you only need to return the charging case as a minimum to receive a full refund. So don't worry if you've lost the charging cable or the earbuds.

You should return your Kitsound Funk 25 headphones to the retailer you purchased them from. You don't need proof of purchase.

The easiest way to do this is to fill out the form on the Kitsound website, which lets you select your retailer. Once you've filled in the form, you'll be able to print a freepost returns label, or Kondor says it can send you a prepaid envelope.

The returns process is free. Kondor says that once it's completed, you will receive an e-voucher up to the value of £30, depending on how much you originally paid for the headphones.

If you purchased the Funk 25 on eBay Yoltso, Kondor says you'll be refunded via your PayPal account against the transaction value.

How do I contact Kondor for further assistance?

Email kitsoundrecall@kondor.co.uk, or UK use the freephone helpline during usual business hours:

  • UK - 0800 414 8506
  • Ireland - 014087135