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30 Jul 2019

Should you buy this £4 Ikea ironing board?

We tried out this cheap 'tabletop' Ikea ironing board to see if it can take the slog out of ironing

Ever inwardly groaned at the thought of having to wrestle with your heavy, unwieldy ironing board? Then this mini £4 Ikea ironing board (aka Ju00c4LL) may be the solution for you.

The 'tabletop' Ikea ironing board is lightweight, can be set up on a tabletop and then hung on the back of a door when you're done. At just £4, it certainly looks like a bargain.

We tried it out to see whether it's really ultra-convenient or if it's simply too small to work with.

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What is the Ju00c4LL Ikea ironing board?

It's a £4 dinky little ironing board from Ikea.

  • At 73x32cm, the board size is at least 30% smaller than most full-sized ironing boards.
  • At 1.2kg, it's a fraction of the weight, too.

It has small 13cm fold-out legs, and you can set it up on a coffee table, dining table or any flat surface.

What's this Ikea ironing board great at?

It's incredibly light and easy to set up. Forget about swearing under your breath as you unsteadily carry your too heavy, traditional ironing board into place, then attempt to get the legs just right without either trapping your fingers or bashing your shins.

With the Ikea Ju00c4LL you just grab it with one hand, pull the legs into place, stick it on a suitable surface, and get ready to iron.

It also comes with a handy metal hook that you can use to hang it up in a wardrobe or from a coat hook on the back of a door. So if you're short on storage space, or hate digging the ironing board out of the back of a cupboard, it's ideal.

Plus did we mention it's only £4?

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What's this Ikea ironing board like to use?

Really easy. It's immensely refreshing to know that you won't have to dig your ironing board out of a cupboard or darkened corner, then struggle to set it up.

The board is big enough to easily iron an average-sized woman's blouse. Larger garments, such as a dress or the average-sized man's shirt, are more of a faff to iron - you have to keep repositioning them more often than you normally would.

Plus, depending on where you've positioned the board, you may not have a suitable drop to help you position the fabric without wrinkles. This will only bother you if you iron often.

The legs have little rubber grips that stop them slipping. This works really well.

As the board's so light, though, we found that it's easy to knock it on its side when you first lay a heavy garment over it. But it's not a problem if you're careful.

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Is there anything else I should know?

We started off by placing the iron on the Ikea board, as you would normally when ironing. But we found that it's not ideal - depending on the size of the garment you're ironing, you're working extremely close to it and risk either burning yourself or knocking the iron over. For some larger items, there's no space at all.

We found it easier to put the iron on a heat-proof mat.

Should I buy this Ikea ironing board?

If you're an occasional ironer, yes. It's easy to use, light and doesn't take up space.

It's also ideal if storage space is at a premium. The occasional extra adjustment of larger garments is worth it not to have a traditional ironing board cluttering up your home.

And let's not forget that price - at only £4, it's a bargain.

But if you iron a lot, then its size may become a gripe. For more advice on other ironing board sizes, plus which types of cover and accessories can make ironing easier with a full-sized board, read our guide on how to choose the best ironing board.