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2 Dec 2021

The top five most popular Ikea mattresses

Which? reveals the most popular Ikea double mattresses on the Which? website
Ikea mattress sales

Below we've pulled out the most popular Ikea mattresses, based on visits to our reviews, that are currently in stock. Could one of these be the perfect mattress for you?

If you're strapped for cash, you need a new mattress, and you didn't get round to buying one in the Black Friday sales, you don't need to worry. And, if you were waiting for the Ikea mattress sale - no, you didn't miss it.

Ikea mattresses weren't reduced over Black Friday for a good reason: they're just very cheap to begin with.

Four out of the five most popular Ikea mattresses on the Which? website cost less than £200. In contrast, the average price of all the mattresses we currently have online is £599.

Read on to find out more about what you can expect from an Ikea mattress.

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1. Ikea Morgedal memory foam, £199

  • We like: Arrives roll-packed, not too heavy, machine-washable cover
  • We don't like: Memory effect can make it feel harder to turn over on, feels warm to lie on

Our most popular Ikea mattress review. The Morgedal is a cheap and cheerful, basic memory foam mattress, almost identical to the foam Morgedal we've previously tested. It's made up of a 7.5cm foam core with another 10cm of memory foam on top. It's marketed as medium-firm and, when we tested it, we agreed. It's rated a 5.7 (on a scale where one is firmest and 10 softest).

Will this budget mattress stand the test of time? Read our Ikea Morgedal memory foam mattress review to find out.

Or buy it now from Ikea.

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2. Ikea Hu00f6vu00e5g, £199

Ikea Hovag

We like: Arrives rolled up, doesn't need to be flipped over, not too warm to sleep on
We don't like: Cover isn't removable for washing

Our second most popular Ikea mattress; this cheap pocket-sprung mattress could be a good choice if you're not a fan of memory foam mattresses. Its pocket-sprung core is topped with thin layers of foam to add to the overall comfort. It's rated as average warmth to sleep on, so should be good for most people and the version we tested is marketed as a medium-firm mattress. Our independent tests rated is as a six (on a scale where one is firmest and 10 is softest), so we'd agreed with Ikea. If you prefer something a little firmer, there's also a firm version available. It isn't too warm to sleep on, either.

Will it provide your back with the best support? Read our Ikea Hu00f6vu00e5g mattress review to find out.

Or buy it now from Ikea.

3. Ikea Hamarvik, £129

Ikea Hamarvik
  • We like: Cool to lie on, lightweight, doesn't need to be flipped over
  • We don't like: The mattress cover isn't removable

This bonnell spring mattress has been in Ikea's range for a while, but it's still one of the cheapest pocket sprung mattresses we've tested. Bonnell (aka open coil) spring mattresses are made of single springs attached to one wire. Ikea says this type of mattress is more suitable for those who sleep alone than with a bedfellow.

On top of the springs are several layers including 4cm of foam.We tested the firm version of the Hamarvik, but in our own firmness tests it ranked as five (on a scale where one is the firmest and 10 the softest).

Open coil mattresses can be super bouncy to sleep on: does this mattress suffer from that issue? Find out in our Ikea Hamarvik mattress review.

Or buy it now from Ikea.

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4. Ikea Vatnestrom, £499

Ikea Vatnestrom
  • We like: It's very cool to sleep on, uses natural materials
  • We don't like:Cover isn't removable or washable, it's heavy

Expensive for an Ikea mattress - currently Ikea's most expensive pocket-sprung standard double mattress - but cheaper than most other brands.

For your money, you'll get a mattress with an 18cm pocket-sprung core, surrounded by natural materials such as latex, coconut fibre and wool. The textiles closest to your skin are made of 100% cotton, which Ikea says is from sustainable sources.

We tested the firm version, but in our independent tests we rated it 5.2 (on a scale where one is firmest and 1- softest) and Ikea says this mattress has five comfort zones to help with support. It's also available in medium firm. At nearly 39kg, it's the heaviest of the mattresses in our top five.

Is it worth splashing out on this Ikea mattress? Read our Ikea Vatnestru00f6m mattress review to find out.

Or buy it now from Ikea.

5. Ikea Vadsu00f6, £75

Ikea Vadso mattress

  • We like: Arrives rolled up, lightweight, doesn't need to be flipped over, cold to lie on
  • We don't like: Cover isn't removable for washing

At number five in our list is another super-cheap mattress from Ikea. The Vadsu00f6 is Ikea's cheapest pocket sprung standard double mattress. This basic mattress has a simple construction: a 13.5cm core made of Bonnell springs, covered in matting, plus a 1.5cm layer of foam closest to where you sleep.

This is market as a firm mattress. And our tests confirmed that it was fairly firm: we rated it as a 3.4 on a scale where one is the firmest and 10 the softest.

It's the lightest and thinnest out of the top five.

Ikea says this mattress is more ideal for those who sleep alone than with others.

Can you really get a decent double mattress for less than £80? Read our Ikea Vadsu00f6 mattress review to find out.

Or buy it now from Ikea.

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Ikea mattress sizes

Confused by Ikea mattress sizes? You're not alone.
If you bought a bed from Ikea some time ago, you may have a European double size. These have different dimensions to a UK standard double.
A standard UK double is 135cm x 190cm, whereas an Ikea/European double is 140cm x 200cm, so it's worth checking what size bed you have before you buy a new mattress.
All the Ikea mattresses we test are standard UK double mattress size (135cm x 190cm), but the thickness can vary. Our lab experts check the dimensions of all the mattresses we test, so we can see any larger or smaller than this size.
The mattresses are sometimes listed separately on the Ikea site, so try searching by mattress name and then double check you've chosen the correct size for your bed. Or, on some mattress pages on the Ikea website, there's a 'choose size' box - so make sure the correct size is chosen here.
Our advice would be to check what size you are buying on the website before forking out any cash.

Having trouble matching a mattress to your bed size? Find out what what mattress size you need for your bed.

Ikea mattress sales

You might not see Ikea mattresses discounted that often, if at all. That's because these budget-friendly options are generally good value even when bought at full price.
We've currently got results for 11 Ikea mattresses , ranging from as little as £75 up to £500, with an average price of just £227 for the ones we've tested.
All Ikea mattresses come with a 90 day home trial to make sure you're completely happy with your mattress. If you're not happy, you can choose another mattress.
Ikea also offers a 25-year guarantee for most of its mattresses. Ikea advises replacing your mattress every 8-10 years, and this is advice we agree with.
All mattresses featured here were in stock at time of writing but, as Ikea are experiencing high demand, some may be temporarily out of stock.

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*Most visited Ikea mattress reviews on which.co.uk between 30th May and 29th November 2021. We've excluded mattresses out of stock at time of writing.