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2 Jul 2019

UK ranked 34th in world broadband-speed league table

We've moved up one slot, but the UK is still outranked by most of the EU

The UK has moved to 34th place in an annual worldwide broadband-speed league table, having taken 35th place in 2018.

Taiwan took the top slot, followed by Singapore and Jersey. The rest of the top 30 was made up of predominantly European countries, plus Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and the US.

The analysis also found that the UK's average speed had risen from 18.57Mbps in 2018 to 22.37Mbps.

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UK broadband speeds compared with overseas

Of the 33 countries with faster average speeds than the UK, 24 are European, with 18 being members of the EU. The analysis found that Europe has the highest concentration of countries with fast or very fast broadband - 37 of the top 50 countries are in Europe.

While the UK held fairly steady in the rankings compared with last year, it was overtaken by the Republic of Ireland, which moved up seven places to 29th position.

The top-ranked country, Taiwan, had an average speed of 85.02Mbps. This means that it would take just over eight minutes to download a 5GB HD film. In the UK, the same film would take 30 minutes and 31 seconds to download at the average speed.

The analysis found that the average global speed was 11.03Mbps - a 20% increase on last year's average. Unsurprisingly, the slowest speeds were found in less economically developed states - Yemen came in last place, with an average broadband speed of just 0.38Mbps.

The analysis was conducted by Cable.co.uk using speed-test data from 207 countries.

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