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23 Feb 2022

Watch: how to fold a fitted sheet

Our simple step-by-step video shows how to easily fold bed linen so it's neat and compact for storing

It can be a challenge to fold large freshly washed sheets, but our video below shows an excellent method which doesn't take much effort and means they're easier to store.

Not only will this save a whole lot of frustration, but it will also free-up storage space in your cupboards.

Read on for a step-by-step on how to do this and find out how often you should wash your sheets and mattress to keep your bed fresh and clean.

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Four steps to fold a fitted sheet

Follow these four easy steps to save on storage space when packing away your bedding:

  1. Lay your fitted sheet onto a flat surface (a bed can be useful) with the elastic on the side closest to you
  2. Take the two corners of one end and fold them inside the corners of the other end
  3. Neaten it up and fold into thirds to create a long strip
  4. Fold it into a neat rectangle

You can follow steps 2-4 for your duvet cover, too, so it's the same size and shape as the folded fitted sheet, and can be stored away neatly along with your pillow cases.

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How often should you wash your sheets?

In an ideal world, you should wash your duvet, pillow cases and fitted sheets once a week.

We're not in an ideal world, though, and in reality it may be longer than this - I know I occasionally leave it too long.

But it's important to remember to frequently wash your bedding as dirt and sweat builds up, which can flare up skin conditions. It can also create an environment where dust mites grow, leading to more allergens.

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How to remove stains from your sheets

Stubborn stains might need more than just Best Buy laundry detergent (although you may want to double-check our detergent reviews first to see if you use one).

When we pitted six popular home remedies, including baking soda, lemon juice and white vinegar, against stubborn red wine, curry, tomato ketchup, melted chocolate and blood stains, we found that not every remedy worked on every stain.

Salt worked well on red wine stains while vinegar was better suited to curry stains.

We found that the best all-rounder was washing-up liquid, but read our full review of the best stain remover home remedies for a complete rundown.

We also tested nine popular fabric stain removers from Dr Beckmann, Astonish, HG and more, and found some cheap ones that vastly outperformed more expensive treatments.

Read our results of the best fabric stain removers to make sure you can deal with tough stains.

How often should you clean your mattress?

Fitted sheets and mattress protectors offer a well-needed layer of separation between you and your mattress.

This is important because they collect a lot of the dirt and sweat produced while you sleep.

But you should still try to clean your mattress every few months. Here's how:

  • Vacuum the surface of your mattress, with the upholstery attachment if you have it. Pay particular attention to nooks and crannies
  • Rotate your mattress if it is one-sided or flip it if it is two-sided
  • Allow the mattress to air out for a few hours. It's a good idea to open a window to help the air move around more.

For more on cleaning your mattress, including how to get rid of stains, read our full mattress cleaning guide.