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18 May 2022

Which? Shorts podcast: Cryptocurrencies made clear

Listen to our podcast as we explain the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies and whether you should consider investing

With the sharp fall in the value of cryptocurrencies dominating the news and new coins being conceived at pace, Episode Four of the new Which? Shorts podcast looks to demystify the world of digital currency. 

Which? Shorts features bite-size advice articles from experts from our family of magazines. Hand picked and curated, they offer original insight on a whole range of topics that influence and impact our lives. 

In this episode James O’Malley breaks down the complicated world of cryptocurrency and the blockchain which underpins it all. 

With potential for huge gains, but also big crashes and scams, we examine the technology and systems behind cryptocurrencies, whether they are something that you should invest in and what lies in the future for digital currencies.

We’ll bring you new episodes of the Which? Shorts podcast each Wednesday, all hosted by our team of journalists. 

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Which? Shorts Episode Four: Crypto currencies made clear 

You can read the full transcript for episode four of Which? Shorts here.

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