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Updated: 3 Feb 2022

Would you pay £2,800 for a fridge freezer?

The Bosch KAD92HBFP has loads of features, including built-in cameras so you can see inside the fridge from your phone. But how much is too much for a new refrigeration appliance?

The Bosch KAD92HBFP costs around £2,800 and it's one of the most expensive fridge freezers we've ever tested. Would you consider paying that much to house your fresh and frozen food?

For the cost of this fridge freezer you'd be able to deck your house out with Best Buys. You could buy an alternative American-style fridge freezer, a new 50-inch TV, a washing machine, a dishwasher and a new laptop, plus you'd still have over £500 spare.

To justify its price, this Bosch will really have to be something special. Read on to find out more about it.

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What is the Bosch KAD92HBFP?

It's a sleek-looking American fridge freezer with a claimed capacity of 540 litres, which would be room for around 28 supermarket carrier bags' worth of shopping.

The fridge and freezer stand side by side and can be accessed through large double doors, one of which has a water dispenser and ice-maker built into it.

To justify its lofty price tag, you'd expect Bosch to have packed the KAD92HBFP full of features and functions, and it has.

The main selling point of this fridge freezer is its smart functionality and internal cameras. The two cameras take images of what's inside your fridge and send them to your smartphone (via the Bosch Home Connect app) for you to check when you're out and about.

This camera on the fridge door takes pictures of the contents inside

The intention is to help you save money and reduce waste by keeping you up to date about what you have in stock. Perhaps the skill of compiling a decent shopping list is truly lost forever?

That's not a wholly unique feature, though. The Samsung Family Hub RS68N8941B1/EU (£2,000) also has built-in cameras, plus plenty of additional smart options.

Samsung Family Hub RS68N8941B1/EU

But this Bosch fridge freezer comes with an array of more traditional features, too. The freezer is frost-free, for instance, so you shouldn't need to defrost it by hand.

There are also 'super-cool' and fast-freeze modes, designed to provide an energy-intensive burst of chilling or freezing power when you've loaded the fridge or freezer up with lots of fresh food.

The 'vacation' mode should help to save energy by putting the fridge on a warmer and more economical setting when you're on holiday and it's less full than normal.

There are two of Bosch's VitaFresh Plus boxes in the fridge; one for meat and fish and another humidity-controllable one for fruits and vegetables.

These are both designed to keep said items in the best possible storage conditions.

The humidity-controllable VitaFresh box is designed to keep fruit and veg stored in ideal conditions

Admittedly, this all sounds very impressive. But can it cool and freeze quickly while maintaining a stable temperature? Read our full Bosch KAD92HBFP review to find out.

Bosch KAD92HBFP: would you buy it?

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