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Bathroom & personal care

Last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas: tech and grooming bargains

Father's Day gift ideas - Which? takes a look at some of the best grooming gift deals on the high street, to help save you if you're in a last-minute panic.

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baby child sun cream

One in five parents forget to apply sun cream to kids in UK sunshine

One in five parents don't always remember to apply sun cream at home and one in 10 simply don’t apply any sun cream to their child when they're in the UK.

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Which? issues water-resistant sun creams warning

We tested water resistance claims made by two popular sun creams and found the SPF dropped by up to 59% after forty minutes in salt water. Water resistance claims are made on the majority of sun protection products, yet our findings expose serious flaws in the current testing regime.

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Lidl launches bargain-priced Silvercrest rotary shaver for £20

The Lidl Silvercrest rotary shaver and beard trimmer launch today. They're around £20 each, but what can you expect for that price?

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The dirtiest areas of your home revealed

Which? reveals the types of bacteria living on different items in your house, and how to clean most effectively.

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Can a £5 electric toothbrush clean as well as a £360 model?

Can the cheapest electric toothbrush remove plaque just as well as the most expensive model ever? The latest reviews by Which? reveal the answer.

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Three in 10 pharmacies not following safety guidelines, finds Which? investigation

An undercover Which? investigation has discovered that some pharmacies are failing to give important safety advice to customers buying over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. We sent undercover researchers...

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Woman standing on smart bathroom scales

Reviewed: the latest smart bathroom scales for 2018

We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of the newest and most popular smart bathroom scales on the market, so you can be confident the only pounds you’re losing are...

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Seven top tactics for living a longer, healthy life

Experts give their advice and practical tips on how to extend your healthy life.

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4 things you need to know about statins

Statins are very widely prescribed but have been subject to lots of negative press. We tell you what you need to know and get the experts' advice.

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