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Best power, mixer and electric shower brands

Best electric shower brands

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Put us to the test

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We've surveyed nearly 2,000 electric shower owners to uncover the top- and bottom-rated electric shower brands.

We’ve asked 1,732 Which? members to tell us about their electric showers, so we can help you to choose between big electric shower brands Aqualisa, Mira and Triton.  

The majority of people we surveyed (48%) have an electric shower from Mira. But just because a company's popular, that doesn't necessarily mean it's any good. 

To find out which shower brand is best, we asked electric shower owners to rate key aspects of their shower. These include how easy it is to get the right water temperature and how stable the temperature is if someone uses mains water elsewhere in your home. This allows us to compare Mira with Triton (bought by 34% of people) and Aqualisa (7%).

Buying the right shower is crucial to enjoying hot showers that don't leave you squealing when someone turns on a tap or flushes the loo.

Some brands came out as winners, with high scores and star ratings. Others were slightly less impressive. As you can see from our table, there's a wide difference between the most reliable shower brand and the least reliable. Our survey uncovered a brand where three out of ten owners had experienced a fault.

Best and worst electric shower brands

The table below reveals customer scores, reliability scores and star ratings for the biggest electric shower brands - Aqualisa, Mira and Triton. You can use the scores to see how one brand stacks up against another.

The results are based on the real-life experiences of owners – and can be used to help you pick a brand you can rely on. 

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Best electric shower brands
Brand Reliability Customer score Build quality Ease of achieving required water strength Ease of achieving required water temperature Stability of temperature when water is used elsewhere Value for money
Subscriber only content 82% 66%
Subscriber only content 77% 72%
Subscriber only content 64% 67%

Using the table: Customer score is based on how satisfied people were with their product and how likely they would be to recommend it to a friend. 
Sample sizes for customer score: Aqualisa 33, Mira 224, Triton 156
Sample sizes for reliability score: Aqualisa 34, Mira 221, Triton 153

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Electric shower reviews

As well as rating shower brands, we have also independently tested electric showers in our lab. We check to see:

  • how much hot water the electric shower will deliver;
  • whether the shower's temperature is affected by water being run elsewhere in the house;
  • if the temperature drops or rises, how long does it take to recover;
  • how easy is it to install and clean.

The best showers will keep a steady temperature, even if someone flushes a loo nearby. But we also found one that plummeted to an icy 11°C, and another that rose to a scaling 55°C. To find the best electric shower for you at the right price, visit our electric shower reviews  

How Which? rates electric shower brands

In May 2016, we surveyed 1,732 Which? members about their experiences with the shower they bought in the past five years.

The customer scores are based on how satisfied customers were with their shower, and whether or not they would recommend it to a friend.  

Best bathroom brands

If you’re overhauling your entire bathroom, take a look at our guide to the best and worst bathroom brands.

In May 2016, we asked 2,391 Which? members to rate brands such as Bathstore, Homebase, Plumb Center and Wickes. They rated the brand's customer service, quality of products and finish, and value for money, giving an overall customer score. 

There was a big difference between them - the best got 82%, while the worst scored just 52%.