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Top child car seat brands

Kiddy child car seats

By Lisa Galliers

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Kiddy child car seats

If you're after a Kiddy car seat for your baby or child, then read on to find out all about this brand.

Kiddy is a well-known car seat manufacturer in both the UK and Europe. It's a German company established in 1966, and is now one of the main manufacturers of car seats that use the impact shield system.

Kiddy produces a range of child car seats from birth all the way up to when you no longer need to use a car seat.

The impact shield system is a cushion that fits snug across the child’s tummy, so that in a crash the cushion will absorb some of the impact and potentially reduce the strain on the child’s neck. Kiddy claim this technology is especially effective in a head-on collision.

Find out which Kiddy seats scored highest in our crash tests, and read full reviews for each seat in our Kiddy car seat reviews.

What is a typical Kiddy car seat like?

  • Lightweight construction - as the manufacturer says less mass moving forward in the event of a crash is safer for the child.
  • Many Kiddy car seats use an impact shield system rather than integral harness.
  • Kiddy has some Isofix and some belt installation-only options in their range.

Read our to find out what this means for the convenience and safety of travelling with your child. 

How much does a Kiddy child car seat cost?

Prices range from around £100 to more than £300.

Kiddy child car seats: the Which? verdict

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How we test Kiddy child car seats

Our reviews of car seats are based on our thorough test program. Our tests are more rigorous than the requirements for the standard, and better reflect what happens in real crashes compared with the legal minimum test. Unlike the standard we also test ease of use – checking that the seat is easy to install and adjust in different cars, as well as in any of the modes it can be fitted.

These components all feed in to the final review score. To be a Best Buy a Group 0 or 0+ child car seat must score 77% or more. A Group 1, 2, 3 child car seat, or any of the combinations of these groups, need to score 74% or higher to be a Best Buy.

Find out whether Kiddy car seats scored high enough in our reviews to become Best Buy child car seats

Kiddy Evo-Luna i-Size

The Kiddy Evo-Luna i-Size is a rearward-facing baby car seat that launched in September 2015. It’s suitable for babies from 40cm to 85cm, that's from birth to 15 months old (but less than 13kg). It's installed using an i-Size approved Isofix base.

There is also the Kiddy Evo LunaFix, which is a Group 0+ baby car seat – the non i-Size version of this seat.

Find out how the Kiddy Evo-Luna i-Size and the Kiddy Evo LunaFix scored in our tests and read our full product reviews.

Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2

The Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro 2 is a Group 1 child car seat suitable for children from nine months old (approx 9-18kg). It can be fitted to a car using the Kiddy k-fix Isofix base connectors or using the adult seatbelt. 

Like many Kiddy products, rather than an integral harness to keep your child in their seat, the Phoenixfix Pro 2 uses the impact shield system. Features of this seat are improved side-impact protection in the shoulder area, adjustable headrest and seat height and clear belt routing on the seat.

Discover the pros and cons of this car seat in our Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro2 review.

Where to buy Kiddy child car seats?

Retailers such as John Lewis, Mothercare, Toys ‘R’ Us, Kiddicare, independents and other online retailers.

When buying a child car seat we strongly recommend browsing and researching online but, when you come to purchasing, it’s best to have it fitted in-store and buy it there. This is because not all car seats fit in all cars, and a fitting demonstration will help you once you’ve got the product home. In a crash, an incorrectly fitted car seat can, in some cases, be almost as unsafe as no car seat at all.

For more helpful buying advice see our car seat fitting guide.

How to contact Kiddy

kiddy GmbH
Schaumbergstr. 8
95032 Hof/Saale
Tel:  +49 9281 708 050
Tel. +49 9281 7080–0
e-mail: c.rundle@kiddy.de