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20 July 2021

Eco shower heads: top picks

We asked a Which? researcher to try out a range of water-saving eco shower heads, to see which really do halve water use.
Jon Barrow
Water-saving shower head

Eco shower heads claim to cut the amount of water you use when you shower. So if you have a power shower or a mains shower, buying an eco shower head could reduce your water consumption. And – if you have a water meter - save you money on your water bill. 

Some eco shower heads claim to dramatically reduce your water consumption, from an average 12 litres a minute to only six litres a minute, depending on whether you have a power shower, a mixer shower or an electric shower.

Our selection of eco shower heads includes two shower heads from Mira, two from Ecocamel and one from Pure. Keep reading for more information on the models.

Eco shower heads: our verdict

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First Look verdict
Ecocamel Jetstorm table
Ecocamel Jetstorm
All except electric and low pressure shower systems
Ecocamel Jetstorm E table
Ecocamel Jetstorm E
All shower types. Recommended for electric and low pressure showers
Mira beat eco table
Mira Beat Eco
All except electric and low pressure shower systems
Mira Eco three spray table
Mira Eco Three Spray
All except electric and low pressure shower systems
Pure pulse eco showerhead table
Pure Pulse Eco
All shower types

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