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Updated: 29 Jun 2021

Best mixer shower brands

Looking for a new mixer shower? Ensure you pick wisely by choosing a brand that impressed in our latest customer survey.
Jon Barrow
Mixer shower head

We regularly survey Which? members to find out more about the showers that they own. This feedback means that we're well placed to recommend the mixer shower brands that you should choose when buying a new unit.

A mixer shower blends hot and cold water to the desired temperature and delivers it through the shower head. They're pretty versatile and can be used with just about any water system, although it's worth double checking before buying one as some are specifically designed for high-pressure or low-pressure systems.

Unlike power showers, mixer showers don't include their own pump (though you can add one). This means that they rely on the water pressure in your house – if you only get a dribble through your bathroom tap, you're unlikely to get much better through a mixer shower.

In this guide, we compare six major mixer shower brands – Aqualisa, Bristan, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Mira and Triton.

If you're more interested in a different type of shower, read our guide on the best electric shower brands, the best power shower brands and the best digital shower brands.

How we rate mixer shower brands

In March and April 2018, we surveyed more than 3,000 Which? members and asked them about the shower they use at home.

The table below shows each brand's customer score plus star ratings for important factors, such as build quality and temperature stability – all based on feedback from real customers.

We've also calculated a reliability score for each manufacturer, based on how likely showers from this brand are to experience a fault and how quickly these faults crop up (brands are punished more severely if this happens soon after purchase).

Only logged-in Which? members can see which brands came out on top in the table below. If you're not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access.

Best mixer shower brands

Brand nameBuild qualityEase of achieving desired temperatureValue for moneyCustomer scoreReliability score

Only a relatively small number of people that we surveyed owned a mixer shower made by this company. That's a shame, as those that do have one love it.

The brand achieved an outstanding customer score of 93%, with 90% of owners reporting that they were very satisfied with their unit. They also gave the brand five-star ratings for how easy its showers are to use, their quietness and the ease of achieving their desired water temperature.

However, the brand received low marks for longevity. 23% of models that were reported on in our survey experienced a fault within eight years of use, and the brand's overall reliability score (67%) was the second lowest of the six mixer shower brands we analysed.


This brand is a good all-round option. It achieved the second highest customer score in our survey and came joint top in our reliability rankings.

Owners of its mixer showers are very impressed with their models, awarding them five-star ratings in almost every category. They even gave them a five-star value-for-money rating – no mean feat considering that they typically spent more on their shower than owners of mixer showers made by other brands.

Mixer showers made by this manufacturer are very reliable. 87% of those covered in our survey were still fault free after up to eight years of use – which helps explain why almost nine in ten owners told us they were very satisfied with their model.


This brand was the most commonly owned in our mixer shower survey, accounting for 30% of respondents. Its showers are generally reasonably priced, and almost half the owners we spoke to picked theirs up for £200 or less.

The brand did pretty well in our survey, marrying decent customer feedback with reasonable reliability. Customers' ratings were generally pretty good and a high proportion (79%) told us that they were very satisfied with their shower.

They also reported relatively few faults. Just 18% had experienced a problem in up to eight years of use – that compares to 45% of models made by the least reliable company.


Table notes: Based on a survey of Which? members conducted in March and April 2018. Survey sample sizes: 594 (reliability), 723 (customer score).

If you're considering an electric shower instead of a mixer shower, we've independently tested a wide range in our lab, and there are big difference between models.

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