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Updated: 8 Mar 2022

Choosing the best fitted bedroom furniture

Expert advice on whether fitted wardrobes are right for you, plus how to find the best fitted bedroom furniture brand for your project.
Sarah Ingrams
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We’ve surveyed 1,744 people who bought fitted bedroom furniture recently to find out how they brought their furniture ideas to life, and asked for their tips for others starting out on the same project. 

We’ve added Which? expert advice to help you make the best choices for you.

Keep reading to see our full expert advice or jump straight to the relevant section.

Is fitted bedroom furniture right for me?

Start by thinking about your how you use your bedroom and what you want from the furniture in it. Use the following questions to think carefully about what you need so that you have no regrets once your furniture is installed:

  • How big is your room and what shape is it?
  • What do you want to store, and how much?
  • How much room do you need for each section, such as long dresses, suits or shoes?
  • Do you want to include other functional sections, such as a dressing table or laundry bin?
  • How do you use the room? (For example, a spare bedroom that doubles up as an office might benefit from a fitted desk and cabinets as well as wardrobes)
  • How do you use your current bedroom storage? How could it work better?
  • What items do you need to get to most regularly, and what can be tucked away?
  • Do you want your storage to be open and on view, or closed in?
  • Do you have any awkward areas you need to work around?
  • What colours and finishes do you want?
  • How frequently are you willing to clean the surfaces?

Which? Trusted Trader The Kitchen Company (which does fitted bedroom furniture too!) has been designing and fitting wardrobes since 1985. Director Chris Sutherland shared his tips with us for what to think about in advance:

"Consider what you require from your fitted bedroom furniture: 

  • Do you need shoe storage? 
  • Do you need drawers inside wardrobes or outside? 
  • What about mirrors? 
  • Do you need tie and belt storage, watch or jewellery storage? 
  • Would you consider sliding doors? For example sliding doors can be very advantageous in terms of access, especially in small spaces in modern houses."

Respondents in our survey also suggested measuring your room, including its height, before you start looking at possible furniture, and planning out where your furniture will go. Several suggested speaking with different firms as different designers may have different ideas.

Why would I want fitted wardrobes?

Popular reasons for choosing fitted bedroom furniture over freestanding furniture from the 1,744 people we spoke to in our survey include:

  • Maximising space and storage
  • Customisation or bespoke options
  • A neater look than freestanding furniture

Here some fitted bedroom furniture owners explain their choice:

"The space in a dormer bedroom was an odd shape for free standing and would also waste space. I like storage to be in every corner so I got a design to my specification."

"We decided to buy built-in furniture because we considered it would look smarter."

"I wanted something to fit into the alcoves either side of a chimney breast. I opted for custom fitted because it would maximum use of the space from floor to ceiling and also be made to my taste."

"We wished to maximise use of an alcove space."

"There was a very limited range of bedroom furniture that included a dressing table. I spent a long time investigating various options and companies. Fitted furniture offered a customised solution that provided maximum storage space."

For inspiration to design your perfect bedroom, look at our fitted wardrobes ideas.

How do I choose the best fitted bedroom furniture?

To help decide what furniture will work well in your bedroom, and answer some of the key questions above, you’ll need to get a feel for what’s on offer from the different brands and independent firms.

Get started by trying some of the most popular ways to research fitted bedroom furniture, according to our survey of 1,744 people who already own it.

What did you do before you decided on your fitted bedroom furniture?

  • Looked at brochures or options online (57%)
  • Went to one or more showrooms (52%)
  • Had one or more home planning appointments (39%)
  • Got one or more quotes (37%)
  • Saw furniture in someone else's house (27%)
  • Used an online design tool to visualise it (26%)
  • Had a 3D model of the furniture made (20%)

While some companies are now offering virtual appointments, it’s still important to see the materials, and products if possible, before you buy to make sure you’re happy with the quality of materials and look and feel of the finished product.

It’s worth getting multiple quotes so you can compare prices and options and find the best for you. With much fitted bedroom furniture being tailored to your space and requirements, it’s tricky to give guide prices. Find out how much fitted bedroom furniture could cost.

One person we spoke to described getting quotes from six different firms, ranging from £6,000 - £20,000.

Before finally settling on a brand and furniture range, here’s what you can expect:

Before you bought your fitted wardrobes, what happened?

  • Went in-store to see the furniture (52%)
  • Looked online at the furniture (50%)
  • Someone came to my home to measure (43%)
  • Received a digital plan (35%)
  • Received a non-digital plan (22%)

We’ve reviewed 10 of the biggest brands, based on feedback from their customers. See the best fitted bedroom furniture brands

But if you’re undecided whether an independent or local firm or national chain is the right choice for you, weigh up independents vs big brands in our dedicated advice.

How long does it take to install fitted wardrobes?

Installation can take as little as two weeks if the company from which you buy the furniture also installs it. Among the hundreds of people in our survey who did this, 15% said it took less than two weeks from ordering to the furniture being fitted.

Between two weeks and two months was much more common, however. A third said it took between a fortnight and a month, another third said it took between one and two months between ordering and their furniture installation being completed.

How long did it take from ordering for your fitted bedroom furniture to be installed?

  • Up to 2 weeks - 15% of customers for whom it took this long
  • 2 weeks to 1 month - 34% of customers for whom it took this long 
  • 1-2 months - 35% of customers for whom it took this long
  • 2-3 months - 11% of customers for whom it took this long 
  • 3-4 months - 3% of customers for whom it took this long 
  • 4-5 months - 1% of customers for whom it took this long 
  • 5-6 months - 0% of customers for whom it took this long
  • More than 6 months - 1% of customers for whom it took this long

Online survey of 1,744 people in April and May 2020 who bought fitted bedroom furniture since July 2018. Of these, 775 said the firm they bought from also installed the furniture.

To find out how long installation took with specific firms, check their dedicated pages, including Sharps, Ikea, John Lewis and Hammonds.

How long does it take to have fitted wardrobes delivered?

If you’re planning to install the furniture yourself, or find your own installer, it’s helpful to know how long you’ll be waiting for delivery so that you can get started.

The majority (79%) waited less than a month from order to delivery of their furniture. More than half (53%) said it took less than two weeks for their furniture to be delivered.

Before you commit to installing your own fitted furniture, read tips from those who already have in our guide to should you install DIY fitted wardrobes?

*Online survey of 1,744 members of the general public in May 2020 who bought fitted bedroom furniture since July 2018