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How to get your baby to sleep

Best baby sleep aids

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Best baby sleep aids

What are the most useful products to help your little one nod off? Our guide will help you choose the right sleeping aids for your baby.


Popular baby sleeping aids

The market is saturated with products and services claimed to have the solution for a sleepless baby - and, if you're reading this with a baby who won't sleep, you're probably willing to try anything. Here are some sleep solutions that are popular with parents: 

White-noise generator

White-noise generators such as the Gro-hush (pictured below) emit a variety of sounds that are supposed to soothe your baby into sleep. You can get a basic one for less than £10, with more whizz-bang models costing just over £20. Most of them have a selection of ambient nature sounds, womb sounds and songs. Some additional features you might like to look for are timers, light projectors and continuous-play functions. 

Sleep-training clock

This can be particularly useful for older kids, to teach them with colours and graphics when it's 'sleep time' and when it's 'waking time'. The aim is that little early risers will see that it's not time to get up yet at 5am. Anyone with a stubborn toddler will know it's not this easy, but some parents insisted that, with perseverance, this was an effective tool. A popular sleeping clock is the Groclock, which retails for about £20.

Baby hammock

A baby hammock is not like an adult hammock, but specially designed to be safe and supportive for a sleeping baby. The benefits are that they provide a gentle rocking movement that can help a baby to self-soothe, and cradle your baby in a secure, natural way, similar to the womb. They are designed to be able to completely replace a cot up until your baby is about one year old. A baby hammock from Amby, one of the major brands, costs up to around £200 for a whole starter kit, and you can order it online.

Cranial osteopathy

If you're dealing with a colicky baby, cranial osteopathy could be an option. It can be quite pricey (about £40 per session), but some of the parents we've spoken to claimed it helped to soothe their babies. It's intended to help release muscle and joint pressure that may be caused by the transition from womb to outside world.

Sleep guru 

It's another pricey option, but a sleep guru can offer you the support you might be looking for after trying a range of different products and methods without significant success. They tend to offer different packages to suit your needs, and can consult with you over what might be the best way to help your baby sleep. 

Sleeping books

There are many different books from a variety of experts, each with their own method of sleep training. Read our sleep training guide to find one that best suits your life. Recently, the Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep is a book that made headlines when it was released with its claim to be 'a new way of getting children to sleep,' employing techniques developed by a psychologist. It has received rave reviews from a lot of parents, but still may not be a complete miracle fix. Costing as little as £4 online, though, it may be worth a try.

Bedside bassinet

A bedside bassinet allows you to be close to your little one at night while avoiding some of the complications associated with co-sleeping, as your baby still has its own separate sleeping space. When buying a bedside bassinet, you should always check the sturdiness of the attachment mechanism and any age and weight restrictions, and make sure the mattress is safe and supportive. Expect to pay at least around £150, and make sure you have the right bedding with our guide to safe baby bedding.

Baby sleep: which products really work?

We surveyed more than 2,000 parents to find out which solutions they swore by for getting their babies to sleep. From this, we've compiled the top five baby sleep aids that parents found helpful. The good news is that in order to try these out, you don't need to break the bank - all the top five cost less than £30.

Top five most useful baby sleep aids
  Average price

The 2,000-plus parents we surveyed voted this nursery saviour as the number one most useful product in dealing with baby sleeping issues. And the even better news is that it works for toddlers, too.

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The number two baby sleep product in our survey is rated as 'a great solution for helping really boisterous babies get to sleep'.

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Soothing your baby is the key to getting on the right track to sleep. And this baby product does just that.

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Mums have been getting results with this sleep solution for babies across the generations.

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