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Updated: 14 Mar 2022

How we test juicers

Find out more about how our tough juicer tests uncover the best juicers.
Aaron West
Bowls of chopped up fruit in lab before juicing

Watch the video below to find out what each juicer needs to do in order to earn our coveted Which? Best Buy recommendation.

We've independently tested a wide range of both centrifugal and masticating juicers, juicing our way through mountains of fruit and veg to find out which models extract the most juice with the least fuss. 

You can rely on our comparative, scientifically controlled tests to reveal the best models out there, and to let you compare models on an even footing. Our reviews can help you to find the best model for whatever feature matters the most, from ease of cleaning to noise, speed and different types of juice.

Our juicer reviews answer the most crucial questions about juicers:

  • How good is it at basic juicing?
  • What's it like at juicing fruit?
  • Can it juice tougher ingredients such as raw veg?
  • How noisy is it?
  • Is the juicer easy to use and clean?
  • Should I buy it?

How good is it at basic juicing?

Every juicer should be able to produce plenty of good quality juice from fruit and vegetables. This may sound obvious, but a surprising number of juicers we test fail to make the grade on this basic requirement. We test every juicer's abilities on a variety of fruit and vegetables to make sure the juice you end up with is good quality, and to uncover juicers that just don't squeeze enough juice out of the ingredients.

At the Which? test lab, we make three different types of juice with each juicer we review - mixed fruit juice, mixed vegetable juice and pure orange juice.

For all juicing tasks we assess how quickly the juicer works, how much juice it extracts from the original ingredients and how smooth and tasty the resulting juice is.

What's it like at juicing fruit?

We make a mixed fruit juice with oranges, pineapples, strawberries, apples and grapes to test each juicer on a range of fruit types.

A good juicer should be able to blitz its way through our recipe without a struggle.

We then juice five oranges and rate how quickly the juice is made and how frothy it is. A good juicer will be able to juice the majority of the ingredients quickly, creating a smooth and tasty orange juice.

Can it juice tougher ingredients such as raw veg?

Vegetable juice is perhaps the toughest test of a juicer's capabilities since many raw vegetables are hard and fibrous so need more power for smooth processing.

For our vegetable juice recipe we use beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger.

How noisy is it?

Lots of kitchen gadgets can be noisy, and juicers are no exception. 

They are usually only on for a few minutes or less, but we rate them for noise, providing comparative ratings and highlighting any that are particularly unpleasant or annoying to use, so you can pick a quieter model if you're keen to juice without upsetting the neighbours.

Is the juicer easy to use and clean?

You could have a juicer that produces outstanding juice but if it’s a nightmare to use and clean afterwards there’s a danger it will be gathering dust in the garage before the summer’s out.

We rate how easy the juicers are to assemble, use and take apart again – taking particular note of any parts that are tricky to get to or need force for you to move them.

Juicers are hard to clean - there’s no getting round this - most models have at least five different parts that need cleaning. But some models make this chore easier by including brushes or other tools to help clean the filters and mesh attachments or they have parts that can go in the dishwasher.

Should I buy it?

All of the assessments listed above go into making the final overall score for each juicer we review. We know that a juicer that makes brilliant juice but is a hassle to clean or use is likely to have you tearing your hair out, so our testing also gives convenience - how easy each juicer is to put together, use, dismantle and clean - a significant weighting.

The final score is made up of:

  • 60% juicing ability
  • 40% convenience

A model has to achieve 73% or more to earn our Best Buy recommendation, and anything scoring 45% or less is highlighted as a Don't Buy that is so poor at its intended job that we think it's best avoided.