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Best milk frothers for 2020

By Tom Morgan

Add a finishing touch of fabulously frothy foam to your coffees, hot chocolates and lattes with our top recommended milk frothers.

Put us to the test

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A milk frother can help you to create a professional-looking coffee, hot chocolate or spiced latte that wouldn't look out of place in a coffee shop on the high street, in the comfort of your own home.

Electric milk frothers are a handy and effortless method of making foam fast. We tested a range of models alongside cheaper handheld electric whisks, and the frothers on high-end coffee machines, and found that the best models could really hold their own, making a dense, appealing hassle-free froth. 

Before you buy, it's worth thinking about these two things:

  • How much milk you want to froth - capacity varies, so if you only want to make one cup, or shorter coffees, a smaller model will do. But if you want to make two or more, look for a larger capacity. Making one drink at a time can be quite time-consuming, as it takes a couple of minutes per drink.
  • What drinks you want to make - some frothers have a wider variety of options, including cold froth, hot milk and hot foam. Others allow you to add extras, such as coffee or chocolate powder, while frothing for a faster route to the finished drink. 

Other useful features include a handle for easier pouring, dishwasher-safe or removable parts for easier cleaning and a clear lid so you can keep an eye on the frothing process.

Electric milk frothers reviewed

We've tested 10 milk frothers from brands including Dualit, Illy, Lavazza and Nespresso, with prices ranging from less than £30 to nearly £200. We assessed how quick and easy they are to use, and got our expert tasting panel to rate the quality of frothed milk they make, including the taste and texture.

Two impressed us enough to be Best Buys, including one great-value option, while one pricey model disappointed us. You can see which models we've tested in the table below. You'll need to log in to reveal the scores and verdict for each model. Not yet a member? Sign up to Which? today.

Want an all-in-one coffee maker instead? Check our independent coffee machine reviews.

Bialetti Electric Milk frother 4430 (£65) Dishwasher safe? Taste test Overall score

 Bialetti Electric Milk frother 4430


This milk frother from Bialetti can help you prepare a cappuccino, hot chocolate or any other creamy drink. It includes a frothing whisk and a latte whisk, and two buttons on the front let you choose between hot or cold milk.

To see how this milk frother fared in our tests, log in or join Which?

Dualit 84135 (£50) Dishwasher safe? Taste test Overall score

 Dualit DMF1 No BB


This milk frother from Dualit holds more liquid than any other milk frother we've tested, so you can easily make cappuccino for two. So will it make mountains of froth?

Find out by logging in now or joining Which?.

Illy Milk Frother 20709 (£60) Dishwasher safe? Taste test Overall score

 Illy Milk frother 20709


If you're shopping for an electric milk frother, this Illycaffè model might be on your radar. One touch can activate the hot or cold milk cycle, meaning you can concentrate on other tasks while the machine gets to work.

To see how this milk frother scored in our tests, log in now or join Which? today.

Jura Automatic Frother 24019 (£80) Dishwasher safe? Taste test Overall score

 Jura Automatic Frother (24019)


This Jura milk frother is one of the priciest models in our table. Bundled with two whisking attachments that can be stored inside the base, it can prepare cold, warm or hot milk and milk foam.

To see how this milk frother scored in our tests, log in now or join Which?.

Lavazza MilkEasy (£29) Dishwasher safe? Taste test Overall score

 Lavazza MilkEasy No BB


Lavazza's affordable MilkEasy milk frother can tackle both hot and cold frothing. It attaches to a circular base that you plug into a power socket, and can hold up to 180ml. The MilkEasy has a transparent lid, so you can keep an eye on your drink as it's whizzing around inside.

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Melitta Cremio II (£65) Dishwasher safe? Taste test Overall score

 Melitta Cremio II black


The Melitta Cremio II is a stainless-steel milk frother that is suitable for making warm or frothed milk. The whisk is attached to the inside of the lid to form one big removable part, but does this make for easier cleaning?

To see how this milk frother scored in our tests, log in now or join Which?.

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 (£50)   Taste test Overall score

 Nespresso Aeroccino 3 - black


Nespresso promises that using the Aeroccino 3, which comes in a range of vibrant colours, is 'ultra simple'. It's a popular option to buy with Nespresso machines, but is it a good buy?

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Nespresso Aeroccino 4 (£60)   Taste test Overall score

 Nespresso Aeroccino 4


Unlike the Aeroccino 3, this newer Nespresso model has a handle. You can choose between four modes: cold whisked milk, hot milk, hot foamed milk and thick hot foamed milk. 

To find out how we rated the froth, log in now or join Which?.

Nespresso Barista (£179)   Taste test Overall score

 Nespresso Barista2


The Nespresso Barista is undoubtedly the smartest milk frother we've tested. It supports Bluetooth technology, which means you can control it remotely if you download the Nespresso app to your smartphone. Once installed, you can use your smartphone to navigate through recipes and then 'send' a recipe to the machine to get it started. But is it worth more than £150?

See how this fancy milk frother scored in our tests: log in now or join Which?.


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Electric milk frothers: how we tested them

To uncover the best frothers, we tested how well each model frothed milk for cappuccinos. We also rated how easy each one was to use and clean, and how noisy it was.

Our frothing assessments included:

  • Timing how long it took to froth the milk, and the volume and temperature of the milk before and after frothing.
  • Testing minimum and maximum capacities, to see if the frothers performed equally well with both smaller and larger volumes of liquid. 
  • Getting our independent tasting panel to rate the froth on measures such as density of foam, taste and texture.

The overall percentage score given in the table above is based on ratings from all these individual tests.

Electric milk frothers vs handheld frothers vs coffee machine frothers

To see how effective milk frothers are compared with other types of frother, we also tested a cheap handheld electric whisk and a couple of coffee machines in the same way.

We tried Ikea's own-brand handheld electric frothing whisk, which costs just £1. We found that it created a dense froth texture that was nice to look at, although you'll need to put in some elbow grease to get the best results, and heat the milk first.

The four coffee machines we tested weren't universally better than our best electric milk frother at producing perfect cappuccino foam. Some did produce a better foam texture, but they also cost hundreds of pounds, so a milk frother can be a great cheap alternative if you've already got the coffee-making bit sorted.

Getting the best out of your milk frother

Milk frothers aren't just for making coffees – you can use them to make cold frothed drinks such as milkshakes, and other warming drinks for a fraction of the price they'd cost you in a coffee shop.

Here are some options you can make at home:

  • Chai latte - you can buy chai tea powder, or infuse your own spices in the milk before frothing, to make this warming spiced drink with hints of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.
  • Hot chocolate - whether you like using chocolate flakes, cocoa or hot chocolate powder, properly frothed milk will take your hot choc to the next level. You can add spices, flavoured syrups or marshmallows and cream for an indulgent treat.
  • Trendy café-style drinks - developed a taste for a turmeric latte or matcha latte? Both are easily made at home with turmeric or matcha tea powder - if you're brave enough. You can mix and match your favourite spices, and use honey to sweeten your drink, for a truly personalised brew.

Check your milk frother's manual to see whether you can add the powder straight to the cold milk for a perfectly frothed, heated and mixed drink. Some advise against this, in which case you can mix your powder with a little hot water or milk separately and then add the frothed milk afterwards.

Can you froth non-dairy, lactose-free and plant-based milks?

In a one-off tryout, we frothed a selection of popular non-dairy alternatives to milk, and found that most frothed really well. 

We tried oat, almond, soya and lactose-free milk, alongside semi-skimmed. All produced an acceptable froth and tasted nice when made into hot chocolate. The oat, almond and soya milks looked more yellow, and the taste might not be what you're used to, but it's definitely possible to froth non-dairy milks and end up with a lovely frothy brew.

How to clean your milk frother

Dried milk can be a pain to remove if it builds up over time, so the golden rule is don't leave it to fester.

A milk frother's small whisk, in particular, can be fiddly to clean, so make sure you rinse it soon after use. Some models have removable whisks or jugs, which make cleaning easier.

You can also add a little cold water and washing-up liquid to the jug and activate the milk frother to help loosen any grime. Check the instructions for your specific model first, though.

Other types of milk frother

If you aren't sure about buying an electric frother, these are the alternatives:

  • Handheld milk frother This is the cheapest type – mini, battery-operated motorised handheld whisks. They're compact enough to fit in your crockery drawer, but you'll need to heat the milk first, so the process will take longer.
  • Manual frother These work a bit like a cafetière. They consist of a heat-resistant jug, usually steel or glass, with a handle on top that you pump to force air into the milk. Some can go on the hob to heat the milk first. They are the most time-consuming option and require the most effort, too.

Alternatively, if you're looking to make your favourite coffee at home, consider a coffee machine with a milk frother or steam wand for a combined solution. See our coffee machine buying guide for advice on choosing the best model for you.

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