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Are Philips steam irons any good?

By Georgia Wilson

We bring you our expert Which? guide to Philips steam irons - but before parting with your money, check our steam irons reviews.

Put us to the test

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Our guide reveals everything you need to know to help you decide whether or not to buy a Philips iron. We've reviewed and rated a range of Philips steam irons on factors including ironing performance, limescale resistance and heat-up time, and also surveyed owners about how reliable the brand has been.

Philips has an extensive range of steam irons and is one of the most popular options available. The brand's irons cost between £20 and £100 and range from everyday no-frills irons to powerful, feature-laden models.

Want to find out which Philips irons have impressed in our test lab? See our latest Philips steam iron reviews.

Our verdict on Philips steam irons

We've collated all of our test results for Philips steam irons into the table below, which will help you decide whether a Philips steam iron is right for you:

  • Best Buys: Find out how many Best Buy steam irons Philips has produced.
  • Average test score: The average result for all Philips irons in our rigorous tests.
  • Reliability score: This shows how likely Philips steam irons are to last without developing faults, based on our survey of owners.
  • Customer rating: We surveyed Which? members with Philips irons to find out how they rate their products and whether they would recommend them to a friend.
  • Customer loyalty: See whether Philips customers are likely to choose a second iron from the brand.

Only logged-in Which? members can see our full verdict on Philips steam irons in the table below. If you're not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access.

Philips steam irons overview table
The Which? verdict on Philips steam irons
Number tested 32
Number of Best Buys
Average test score (%)
Reliability rating (stars)
Customer score (%)
Customer loyalty (%)
Typical cost
Should I buy a Philips steam iron?


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How to choose the best Philips steam iron

Philips' range of irons is extensive and contains models to suit all budgets. Most models come with limescale cleaning functions and an anti-drip system as standard – though do check these are present before you buy as we've seen the odd model without these useful features. Head to our Philips steam iron reviews to find the best model for you.

Cheap Philips irons

Philips has a limited range of budget models, including some you can buy for under £20. Cheaper models tend to lack Philips' premium soleplates and are often less powerful than pricier models, potentially giving out less steam. But while it’s generally true that the more powerful an iron is the more steam it will produce, when we test irons in our lab we find that steam levels can vary widely across a brand’s range.

Mid-priced Philips irons

Philips produces many irons in the £30 - £60 price bracket. At this price point you’ll generally find more powerful models with ceramic soleplates as standard, while some models have Philips' premium ‘Steam Glide’ solepate. Models in this price range come in various styles and have a range of different features, such as a self-clean function for removing limescale flakes from the system, and an auto shut-off.

Philips Azur steam irons

The Philips Azur range is generally more powerful and produces more steam than other Philips models. The irons in this range have continuous steam for all-over crease removal, with an ultra-powerful shot of steam or steam boost for targeting particularly deep-set creases. They have traditional temperature settings. Models cost around £50 to £95.

Philips steam generator irons

Philips offers one of the most extensive ranges of steam generators on the market. Prices start at around £100 for a compact, basic model, while a top of the range steam generator iron will set you back £450.

Traditional temperature settings

Philips' entry range of steam generators, which cost around £100-£150, have traditional temperature settings ranging from linen to silk. They feature a non-stick ceramic soleplate and 1.2-1.5-litre water tanks, so they don’t need to be refilled as often as a standard iron. Plus, because the water is in the base unit, the irons are lighter than normal. Philips says its steam generators deliver 2x more powerful steam than its average steam irons, so they can get through creases much faster.

Philips PerfectCare

At the top of Philips' range is its PerfectCare collection. Steam irons are priced from £85-£120, while steam generators cost between £150-£450. The irons are big steamers, and don't have a temperature dial, instead using a single temperature system that's safe to use on all ironable fabrics. With the models in the PerfectCare range you can iron everything without adjusting the temperature, pre-sorting, or waiting for the iron to heat up and cool down.

Philips PerfectCare steam generator irons

All models in the PerfectCare steam generator range deliver high-pressure steam (between 5 and 8 bars) and come with Philips' 'OptimalTEMP' technology, which Philips says combines powerful steam with a consistently reliable temperature setting, maintained by a smart-control processor inside the iron,  for effective crease removal that’s safe on all ironable fabrics, from cottons to silk, with a no fabric burns guarantee. 

Trade up in the range and you'll find bigger, 2.5-litre water tanks, for those who need to tackle bigger ironing loads in one go. Other features as you pay more include detachable water tanks and safe-carry locks. Philips says the soleplates in this range are super smooth gliding and extra scratch resistant, too, with a number of innovative coatings and layers.

Top Philips steam iron picks - and one to avoid

Our expert testing helps us sort the top-notch Best Buy steam irons from the models that you should steer away from. Below, you'll find some of the highest-scoring Philips steam irons we've tested, along with one that we think you should avoid.

Philips steam irons


We were really impressed with this steam iron; it takes very little effort to eliminate creases and you won't be troubled by limescale. It handles well and it's easy to store away when you've finished ironing. With so many plus points it's no surprise that we've made it a Best Buy.


Not only is this iron is quick, easy and effective to use, but it's also very resistant to limescale, so it will keep pumping out the steam even if you use hard water in the tank. With so many plus points it’s a worthy Best Buy. The only major downside is it’s a little on the heavy side.


This iron is pretty good at tackling creases in delicate items. But when it comes to ironing your cottons and linens, this model will leave you toiling away at the ironing board for longer than necessary.


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