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4 November 2020

Are Tefal steam irons any good?

Find out how Tefal steam irons do in our tough lab tests and whether Tefal is a reliable steam iron brand.
Rebecca Duff

Considering buying a Tefal steam iron? Our expert guide reveals the pros and cons of Tefal steam irons, how likely they are to have problems and whether you’d be best going for another brand, such as Philips or Bosch.

Tefal is a popular, mid-priced ironing brand. It produces a broad range of steam irons - from budget £20 irons to premium £100 models with all of its best features, including advanced anti-scale systems and Tefal's 'Ultraglide' soleplate.

To find out whether Tefal steam irons are any good, we’ve pulled together data from our independent lab tests, as well as feedback from hundreds of Tefal steam iron owners. 

Want to know which Tefal steam irons have come out tops in our lab tests? Head to our Tefal steam iron reviews

Tefal steam irons: our verdict

We've collated all of our test results for Tefal steam irons into the table below, which will help you decide whether its the right brand for you:

  • Best Buys - Best Buy steam irons are the very best in our tests. Find out whether any Tefal steam irons are Best Buys.
  • Reliability score – This shows how likely Tefal's steam irons are to last without developing faults, according to our survey of Tefal steam iron owners.
  • Customer rating – We surveyed Which? members with Tefal irons to find out how they rate its products and whether they would recommend them to a friend, so you can see how impressed you’re likely to be with its performance overall.

Only logged-in Which? members can see our full report on Tefal steam irons in the table below. If you're not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access to our table and all of our online reviews - including steam irons and steam generators.

The Which? verdict on Tefal steam irons
Tefal steam irons overview table
Number tested 19
Number of Best Buys
Member content
Average test score (%)
Member content
Reliability rating
Member content
Customer score (%)
Member content
Typical cost
Member content
Member content
Member content
Should I buy a Tefal steam iron?
Member content

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How to choose the best Tefal steam iron

You can buy an entry-level Tefal iron for £20-£30, around the same price as a budget Philips steam iron or a budget Bosch iron

At the top end of the scale, a premium Tefal steam iron will set you back around £80-£100. 

To see which models impressed us across all price ranges, head to our Tefal steam iron reviews.

Cheap Tefal steam irons

There are plenty of Tefal irons available for less than £30. 

  • Cheap Tefal irons are typically less powerful than pricier models and are likely to produce less steam.  
  • They’re more suitable if you don't typically have a huge ironing pile. 

If you're buying an older budget Tefal model, it's worth checking whether it has an anti-drip system to prevent water leaking from the steam holes at low temperatures. Many newer budget models will have this, but older ones won't necessarily.

Mid-priced Tefal steam irons

For £30-£60, you’ll see more features that make ironing easier. 

  • These Tefal irons include comfier handles and longer power cords.
  • You'll also get safety features such as auto-shut off for added peace of mind. 
  • More steam and a more powerful steam shot that blasts deep into stubborn creases to help make them easier to remove.
  • You’re likely to get Tefal’s 'Ultraglide' soleplate. Tefal says this glides better, ensures even heat distribution and is more scratch resistant than its basic soleplate. 

Top-of-the-range Tefal steam irons

These cost £60 or more and are generally the most powerful models in the Tefal range. So they could be more suitable if you regularly iron your way through large piles of laundry. 

Regardless of the brand you’re considering, we’d advise against buying on the strength of power rating alone, as we find it’s not always a good indication of how much steam the iron will actually produce.

  • Pricier Tefal steam irons have the most powerful steam shots for blasting steam deep into creases. 
  • They also have advanced cleaning functions to help prevent limescale from diminishing steam levels and damaging the soleplate. 
  • You get an auto shut-off function as standard.

For more advice on choosing the right steam iron for you, head to our guide on how to buy the best steam iron.  

Tefal steam generators

Tefal also produces steam generators, which come with large, separate water tanks and produce far more steam than a regular iron, for more powerful ironing. 

To see how Tefal's steam generators compare with other brands, head to our steam generator brand round-up.

Top Tefal steam iron picks - and one to watch out for

Our expert testing helps us to sort the top-notch Best Buy steam irons from the models you should avoid. Below, you'll find some of the highest-scoring Tefal steam irons we've tested, along with one that may be worth avoiding.

Tefal steam irons

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This iron pumps out plenty of steam and removes creases easily. It stands up well to limescale too, so steam levels won’t tail off too quickly. Cleaning can be a faff, and the soleplate is too big for getting closely around buttons. But it’s a great iron for the price and missed our Best Buy benchmark by a hair’s breadth.

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A great steam iron that gets rid of creases with ease and doesn’t scale up too quickly. It’s quick to get going, which is useful if you’re often ironing in a hurry. But it’s heavier than some irons we’ve tested and the handle gets slippery easily, so you may find your hand and arm get tired if you’re using it for long periods of time.

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This cordless iron pumps out enough steam that you won’t need to iron over the same area multiple times, but the soleplate tends to drag a little on heavier fabrics. It's quite slow and laborious to use and you’ll need to pop it back on the base to recharge every 30 seconds or so, too.

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