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20 May 2021

Best cheap suitcases under £100

Don't waste your money on an overpriced suitcase that under-delivers. These affordable models will do as good a job as any, and for a very reasonable price.
Louise Muyanja
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A good piece of luggage is a sound investment, so it can be tempting to really go all-out in a bid to secure one that will last. Our testing has revealed that you don't need to spend hundreds to guarantee a reliable suitcase. In fact, you don't even need to spend more than £100.

Soft case or hard case, there are options for you to consider for less than the price of a return ticket to Paris. They all performed well in our drop tests, have durable, rugged zips and are comfortable to manoeuvre around the terminal. We can't promise that they all match our highest-scoring Best Buys, but we can promise they can't be beaten for value. 

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Best cheap suitcases

  • 78%

    A four-wheeled suitcase that's both durable and practical, with so much attention to detail it has everything the modern traveller could want from their luggage. Sign in to see if it's the suitcase for you.

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And here's the suitcases to avoid

As you can see from the table above, an outstanding suitcase is neither hard to find nor expensive. With that in mind, take a look at the models below and be sure to stay well clear - you can do much better.

Cheap suitcases to avoid

  • 50%

    This large, hard-sided suitcase isn't that cheap, so it's really disappointing that the zips break way too easily and it's about as waterproof as a sieve. Read our full review to see which model we're talking about.

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What Which? looks for when testing a suitcase

Our number-one priority when reviewing a new suitcase is to find out how it will hold up in the real world. Our tests are the most comprehensive around because they mimic exactly what your case goes through every time you fly.

Our drop tests accurately recreate the most reckless of baggage handlers to ensure that it won't crack open the first time it's heartlessly heaved onto a trolley. We have it tumble down a purpose-built treadmill so that we know just how it'll react to being tumbled around on an airport baggage carousel.

We really put the zips through their paces, smashing and yanking them to make sure they won't break when you're sat on top of your case trying to cram in that one last pair of shoes. We also test the water resistance so that, should it be left out on a baggage trolley in the middle of a downpour, you can be sure your valuables won't be soaked through.

A Best Buy suitcase will usually perform admirably in all three of these tests; a slightly lower scoring model in two out of the three.