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Top five washer-dryers for 2020

By Matt Stevens

Which? takes the hard work out of choosing a washer-dryer with our pick of the top five, from the cheapest Best Buy to best for a large family.

Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

We review washer-dryers on everything from how thoroughly they'll clean your clothes and how evenly they'll dry them, to how much it will cost to run.

You're ideally looking for a washer-dryer that washes as well as a washing machine and dries as well as a tumble dryer. Those that excel at in our tests become Best Buys. See the best washer-dryers.

We've seen big difference between the results of models we've tested, which has led to several being rated Don't Buy washer-dryers that you should avoid, and a whole host that will give you very average results.

To help you narrow down what you need, we've rounded up the best washer-dryers so you can choose one depending on what's important to you, whether it be having a large-capacity machine for a big family or a cheap model that won't break the bank.

Only logged-in Which? members can view our recommendations in the table below. If you’re not yet a member, join Which?  to get instant access to all our reviews.

Top five best washer dryers


If you need a washer-dryer that's going to wash and dry like a pro, then look no further than this machine. It has an impressive 10kg wash capacity, and there isn't a job that this machine can't handle.


This easy to use machine scored top marks in our washing tests, blasting through stains on both cottons and synthetics. It works brilliantly as a dryer too, making it a well-deserved Best Buy.


Try as we did in a month of lab testing, there was nothing we could find fault in with this simply brilliant washer-dryer. It might cost a fortune, but it washes brilliantly, dries quickly and evenly, it’s dead easy to use - and this why it’s a Best Buy.


This machine not only aced our cleaning tests, delivering outstanding wash results on grubby laundry, but it’s got decent drying power too. Add to that the fact it’s incredibly easy to use, and it’s clear to see why we didn’t hold back in naming this a Best Buy.


This washer-dryer runs as good as it looks. Its large capacity is well-suited to large laundry loads, it's well-stocked with features, and when you open the large black drum door you’ll find perfectly washed and dried clothes at the end of programs. It’s a very worthy Best Buy.

All of the recommendations and scores in our table above were correct as of November 2019. 

You can also go straight to our washer-dryer reviews where you can compare these five models alongside all the others we've reviewed.

Washer-dryer reviews

At Which?, our reviews are based on weeks of rigorous lab testing. We look at every aspect of each washer-dryer, from how well it cleans to how much energy it uses. 

We splatter cotton clothes with tough stains, such as chocolate, oil, blood and red wine, and run both the cottons and synthetics programs. We then measure to see how much light bounces off the fabric – the more, the better the machine has moved the stains. The best washer-dryers do a brilliant job of shifting stains, while with the worst machines, stains will be still visible after the wash.

We also check to see how much detergent each machine has removed in the rinsing cycle. We collect any water left and measure how alkaline it is – the higher the reading, the more detergent has been left. 

The best washer-dryers

To be a Best Buy, washer-dryers must dry clothes as well as they clean them. After the washer-dryer has dried the loads, we measure how much water is left in the whole wash, and individual items, so we can see how well and evenly it's done it. Some leave laundry with overly crisp and soggy patches.

An excellent washer-dryer is pretty much useless if it's a total pain to use. That's why we rate how easy it is to do everything with the machine, from using the detergent dispenser to loading and unloading the washing. In addition, we mark down washer-dryers that are annoyingly noisy.

If you've bought a good value machine, the last thing you want is to discover it'll cost a fortune to run. We measure the electricity and water each machine uses so that we can tell you how much each will cost to run a year. We've found models costing less than £75 a year, and others that'll set you back more than £160.

On top of all of this, we also survey hundreds of Which? members to find out how reliable each washer-dryer brand is – the highest scored 76%, and the worst just 30%. We add this to the total test score, so you know that a Best Buy washer-dryer should last for years to come.


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