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Which washer-dryer brand?

Most reliable washer-dryer brands

By Matt Stevens

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Every year we survey hundreds of washer-dryer owners to uncover the most and least reliable washer-dryer brands. Find out which top our table.

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To help you discover which brands of washer-dryer are the most reliable, and which need to be avoided, we’ve asked hundreds of washer-dryer owners to tell us about the problems they’ve faced and just how satisfied they are with their choice of brand.

Washer-dryers are a great space-saver and can be cheaper than buying a washing machines and a tumble dryer. But you do have to take more care when choosing a washer-dryer than you might have to with other products – they do two jobs and because of this have a bit more that can go wrong. Washer-dryers have a relatively low reliability rating of 72%, but this is comparable with fridge-freezers, another product that has to master two jobs. 

However, we've found that 77% of washer-dryers from the most reliable brand will remain fault-free for 10 years. One brand noticeably less reliable than the rest. Just 62% of its machines will still be fault-free after a decade. And you might be surprised which big-name brand this is.

Take a look at our washer-dryer reviews to find the best and the most reliable washer-dryer for you.

The table below shows the reliability scores and ratings for popular brands of washer-dryer. The more stars, the more reliable the washer-dryer brand.

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Which washer-dryer brands are the most reliable?
Brand Reliability rating Reliability score

Table notes All ratings based on responses to a Which? member survey of 356 washer-dryer owners in October 2016 and use feedback on members' experiences of the brand that they own. The star ratings show how each brand's reliability score compares to other washer-dryer brands. Table last updated December 2016
Sample sizes AEG 87, Bosch 53, Hotpoint 34, Miele 34, Zanussi 34, other 114.


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Which washer-dryer brand stays fault free longest?

You've told us that when you buy a washer-dryer, you expect it to last for 10 years before developing a fault. But our table below shows the washer-dryer brands that stay fault free the longest.

Which washer-dryer brands stay fault free longest
Which washer-dryer brands stay fault free longest
Brand % faults after one year % faults after five years % faults after 10 years
16% 26% 29%
6% 19% 23%
3% 26% 26%
15% 29% 32%
6% 26% 38%
Table notes All ratings based on responses to a Which? member survey of 356 washer-dryer owners in October 2016. Sample sizesAEG 87, Bosch 53, Hotpoint 34, Miele 34, Zanussi 34


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How washer-dryer brands compare

Washer-dryer owners have high expectations of their appliances – they've told us that they think their machines should be fault-free for nine years. Our table shows that none of the brands can quite match the expectations of their owners, but many more of the most reliable brand's machines will remain fault-free after 10 years, in comparison to the least reliable brand.

79%Highest reliability score for a washer-dryer brand

The leading brand for reliability is also the most loved, according to feedback from owners of its machines, who give it a customer score of 76%. 

50% of the owners of the most reliable brand's machines tell us they'll buy another one in future. But at the other end of the table, only 17% of the least reliable brand's owners will remain loyal when the time comes to buy another washer-dryer. And while machines from the most reliable brand in our table aren't the cheapest, they're not the most expensive either.  

Reliable washer-dryer Best Buys

Washer-dryers that excel in our cleaning and drying tests can only qualify as a Best Buy washer-dryer if the brand scores at least three out of five stars for reliability, based on our survey of owners. The only other way a brand of washer-dryer can be awarded a Best Buy is if it comes with a free five-year parts and labour warranty as standard. See all our washer-dryer Best Buys

Common washer-dryer problems

More than 350 Which? members responded to our washer-dryer survey about common washer-dryer faults.  These problems were reported most frequently:

  • Program failure 10%
  • Not emptying water 9%
  • Heater fault / spinning problems 7%

Complete program failure, either washing or drying, was the most commonly reported problem in our reliability survey. Take a look at the manual to see if you can troubleshoot the problem, but if this doesn't help, be prepared to call an engineer to take a look at your machine. 

If your washer-dryer isn't emptying, another big problem when in washing-mode, dig-out the manual - most will show you how to manually empty your machine. And once you've done this, it would be best for a professional to investigate what the problem might be.

Suffering a heater failure? This should be repairable, as long as the parts are still available and won't cost more than one hour's labour plus £25 - £50 for a new water heater. 

When your machine refuses to spin, this could be down to the drum being too full or empty. Modern washer-dryers (and washing machines) are designed to not spin in instances like this. Try adding in a few towels to a very light load, or removing a few items from a very full one. If this doesn't work, it would be best to call in an expert.