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Feed-in tariff licensees

You don't have to use the same electricity company for both your feed-in tariff licensee and domestic electricity supplier. You can change your FIT licensee if you wish.

But remember that Ofgem sets the rate of FIT you get paid, not the individual energy companies. 

So, you can’t really shop around for a better deal like you would for your gas and electricity supplier. 

There may be differences in customer service or the time the company takes to pay your FIT however.

Switching your FIT licensee

If you want to make the switch, check that the energy company you’ve chosen will agree to pay your feed-in tariff. 

Your current electricity supplier must pay your FIT (as long as its a registered FIT licensee - see list below)

If you choose to switch to another electricity supplier, the new supplier is not obliged to pay your FIT, but it can choose to do so. 

Licensed FIT suppliers

There are now lots of registered FIT licensed suppliers to choose from.

The Ofgem website provides a comprehensive list of registered FIT licensed suppliers, including contact details.

To switch you'll need to contact the company you would like to pay your FIT. You may need to complete a new FIT application form and to confirm you want to make the switch in writing.

Your new FIT licensee will agree a date and generation reading for the switch to take place with your current supplier. Your new licensee should let you know when the switch has been made.

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