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Wellesley & Co review

If you're thinking about saving or borrowing money through a peer-to-peer lending website, read our in-depth Wellesley & Co review.

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What is Wellesley & Co? What Wellesley & Co's customers say about them
Alternatives to peer-to-peer websites

What is Wellesley & Co?

Wellesley & Co offers individuals a way to lend money to property developers. 

Unlike with other peer-to-peer lenders, all of Wellesley & Co's loans are asset-backed, meaning money is loaned against an asset (for example a piece of property) that can be seized if the borrower defaults on their loan. 

At time of writing,Wellesley & Co has suspended its peer-to-peer products and not yet revealed details of when it will re-launch or what the products will look like when it does. We will update this page when more details emerge.

Wellesley & Co peer-to-peer lending satisfaction
Feature Rating
Overall experience
Interest rates
Explanation of the risks
Default rates -
Variety of products available -
Ease of use of the website
Customer service -
Clarity of information on the website
Online community -

Table notes:
Star ratings out of five show levels of satisfaction for each category. Hyphen indicates not enough responses received to assign star rating.

What Wellesley & Co's customers say about them

"I have had no problems with them and their borrowers appear to be well secured."

"Good track record. Interest not as good as some competitors, but security 'feels' good."

"To date there have been no issues. Interest is paid monthly and has always been paid."

Click here to visit Wellesley & Co.

Alternatives to peer-to-peer websites

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In almost all cases you'll want to build up cash savings (in Isas or savings accounts) before considering putting your money into a more risky investment such as peer-to-peer lending.

If you're looking for higher returns you might want to consider other investments.