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Tesco launches additive-free bread

Supermarket to sell home-baked style loaves


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Britain’s biggest supermarket chain is launching its first range of bread made without artificial additives.

Tesco says even its organic loaves currently have some additives in them.

Its new range excludes emulsifiers, flavourings and preservatives from the bread recipes.

The eight types of additive-free loaves were created to meet demand from shoppers who want a more natural, home-baked style.

Basic ingredients

Tesco technical manager James Markie said: ‘These revolutionary new loaves offer shoppers home-baked style bread containing basic ingredients without the use of additives put in standard bread to give it a longer shelf life.’

Commercially-made bread usually includes some preservatives and emulsifiers to make it last longer.

The additive-free recipe involves fermenting the bread dough for up to 18 hours and then baking it more slowly.

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