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Which? unveils £20 Best Buy slow cooker

Make healthy melt-in-the mouth meals

Slow cooker

Slow cooking can turn cheaper cuts of meat into delicious dishes

As the evenings get darker and colder and appetites warm up to heartier meals, Which? has published its latest slow cooker reviews.

Which? experts have been stewing their way through kilos of beef, chicken and vegetables to discover which of the 10 slow cookers we’ve just tested can turn regular recipes into great food.

Three models made the grade as Best Buy slow cookers, including one that costs less than £25 – head straight to our winter-warming slow cookers reviews where we reveal the best and worst models.

Cheap slow cookers

We’re reviewed and rated 30 slow cookers in total, ranging from some of the cheapest models available, such as the £14 Argos Value range slow cooker, up to some of the most expensive costing more than £70.

Slow cookers have seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to trends for frugal meals and cooking from scratch. 

Three quarters of Which? members who own a slow cooker recommend them, with a favourite aspect being able to set it to cook when you’re not around, as well as being about to get a good meal out of cheaper cuts of meat. 

Slow cooker recipes

Which? small appliance expert Lisa Galliers says: ‘Some may think a slow cooker is a hassle, and while it does take a bit of preparation, more than half of our members who own a slow cooker think they’re easy to use. 

‘They also think meals taste better cooked this way, and it’s easy to adapt your favourite recipe to make it in a slow cooker.

‘It’s not all casseroles and stews, curries are popular recipes to try, as well as sweet treats including porridge, pears in rice and rice pudding. 

‘You can even make a great stock in a slow cooker, or mulled wine.’

Cusinart Digital Slow Cooker

Cusinart Digital Slow Cooker

Slow cooker reviews

A slow cooker should make great food easily, so we test slow cookers on how easy it is to make a casserole and cook chicken. 

We check for evenness of cooking, how well the sauce is cooked and tenderness of the meat and vegetables. 

Our latest slow cooker reviews include full test results for brands such as Crock-Pot, Morphy Richards and Cuisinart.

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