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Top five coffee machines of 2012 revealed

Gaggia, DeLonghi and Nepresso models popular

Espresso machines

While the popularity of capsule coffee machines has exploded in the past couple of years, it’s a ground coffee machine – the Gaggia Baby Class – that has taken the crown as the most popular coffee machine review on which.co.uk this year.

Coffee has had several heydays since it was introduced to English palettes in the 17th century, but 2012 has definitely been one of coffee’s most successful years. 

Terms such as ‘flat white’ and ‘skinny latte’ now roll off our tongues on a daily basis, and more and more of us are now keen – and able – to make a proper cappuccino or latte at home, thanks to espresso machines becoming more affordable and widely available.

While capsule machines tend to dominate the more affordable end of the market, it seems that many people are still keen to invest in a ground coffee or bean-to-cup machine, with the Gaggia Baby Class the most read coffee machine review on which.co.uk, followed by the bean-to-cup DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200.   

To see all the coffee machines we’ve tested and find out whether these popular models did well enough in our tests to become Best Buys, visit our coffee machine reviews. If you’re not yet a Which? member you can try Which? for £1 and get instant access to all our reviews and expert advice.

Five most popular coffee machine reviews

Gaggia Baby Class coffee machine

The Gaggia Baby Class serves up quick espressos and cappuccinos

1. Gaggia Baby Class 

The Gaggia Baby Class (from £210) uses ground coffee and ESE pods – and can make one or two top-quality espressos in less than 16 seconds. Read our full review to see how quickly and effectively the machine’s steam pipe froths milk and how easy it is to use and keep clean. 

2. DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200 

Next up for popularity is the DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4200 (from £270), a bean-to-cup coffee machine that’s been around for several years now, and which has had positive customer reviews on our website. Check out our test results to see whether it produced great-tasting espressos in our lab.

3. Nespresso U

Our First Look review of the Nespresso U also went down a treat this year. The super-compact capsule coffee machine is sure to be under the tree of many a discerning caffeine addict this year. At £119, it’s one of the cheapest espresso machines out there, and while the machine hasn’t yet gone through our thorough lab tests, our initial impressions are that it’s a doddle to use, and comes with some handy features.

4. DeLonghi EC 250.B Espresso-Cappuccino

The DeLonghi EC 250.B Espresso-Cappuccino (from £99) is the next most read coffee machine review. It was launched at the start of the year, and did well in several of our tough tests. Find out whether there are any drawbacks to this coffee machine in our full review. 

DeLonghi EC 250.B Espresso-Cappuccino

The DeLonghi EC 250.B makes top-notch espressos using ground coffee 

5. DeLonghi EC152

DeLonghi also manufactures the coffee machine that’s the subject of our fifth most-read coffee machine review: the DeLonghi EC152 (from £65). This ground coffee machine can make espressos and cappuccinos – but does the flavour lack intensity? Find out in our expert review. 

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