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Do you need an American-style fridge freezer?

Which type is best for you: American or built-in?

Woman with American style fridge freezer

American-style fridge freezers have loads of room for storing fresh food.

We’ve just tested fridge freezers from big brands, including Bosch, Indesit and Samsung. With two built-in models and four American-style giants, we might have tested the perfect fridge freezer for you.

Our most recent fridge freezer tests covered two very different types of product – integrated models that are designed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen, and American-style fridge freezers that make a big, bold statement in any home.

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American-style fridge freezers

Most American-style fridge freezers have the fridge compartment next to the freezer, but some ‘three-door’ models have a huge fridge section with wardrobe-style doors above a large freezer drawer that slides out to give easy access to all your frozen goodies.

We’ve tested examples of both types this time, with a wide range of handy features. The Samsung RFG23UERS has three doors and its capacious fridge includes a wide pantry drawer that has different temperature settings to suit the food you’re storing.

Manufacturers measure the storage space of their models by removing all shelves, drawers and racks. We don’t think that’s a fair reflection of how you would use your fridge freezer, so we make our calculations with all the storage features in place. Check our measurements to see how much room there really is before you buy.

Water and ice dispensers come into their own during the warm summer months and they are common on American-style models. Before you buy, make sure you check if the dispenser needs to be plumbed in or filled manually. Having a plumbed-in dispenser removes the work of filling up a container every couple of days, but you can’t be so flexible with where you keep the fridge freezer.

Built-in fridge freezers

If you prefer your fridge freezer to take a back seat to the décor of your kitchen, choose a good built-in model to fit snugly among your cabinets.

The best models will chill your groceries quickly to keep them fresher for longer, and have plenty of storage space for your fresh and frozen food. The worst integrated models are noisy, guzzle energy and will struggle to maintain steady, safe temperatures.

There are fewer integrated models to choose from compared to freestanding fridge freezers, and they tend to be a bit pricier and short on fancy features. The models we’ve just tested, from AEG and Zanussi, don’t have as much room as the American-style beasts, but they still have lots of storage options for your food and drink.

Fridge freezers on test

We put the following fridge freezers through their paces in our latest demanding tests.

Read our reviews of AEG fridge freezers, Bosch fridge freezers and Indesit, LG, Samsung and Zanussi fridge freezer models

  • AEG SCN71800S1£639 – built-in
  • Bosch KAN58A45G £999 – American-style
  • Indesit SBSAA530SD £649 – American-style
  • LG GSL545NSYV £1,000 – American-style
  • Samsung RFG23UERS £1,599 – American-style
  • Zanussi ZBB28441SA £435 – built-in

We test all shapes and sizes of refrigeration appliances, so check our Best Buy fridge freezer reviews to find the ideal model for you and your home.

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