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Which? reveals blood pressure monitor Don’t Buys

Seven Best Buy blood pressure monitors also tested

Blood pressure monitor lab-testing

We test each blood pressure monitor on 32 people’s arms in lab conditions

Which? lab tests have revealed seven inaccurate Don’t Buy wrist and arm blood pressure monitors that you shouldn’t waste your money on. Plus four Best Buys for less than £25.

An accurate blood pressure reading should enable someone who otherwise feels well to identify high blood pressure or hypertension, as well as low blood pressure. You can then act to prevent a heart attack, stroke and kidney problems.

Our latest lab test of blood pressure monitors has revealed seven blood pressure monitors that are so inaccurate you can’t trust their readings. This is unacceptable when you’re trying to spot any problems and take action to prevent serious health problems. So we have labelled all seven models as Don’t Buy blood pressure monitors

Don’t waste your money on an inaccurate blood pressure monitor when our tests have also revealed great value Best Buys. 

In fact, four of the seven Best Buy blood pressure monitors we’ve uncovered in our latest tests cost less than £25, and outperform rivals costing up to £100.

Blood pressure monitor Don’t Buys

We’ve labelled the following monitors as Don’t Buys because our tests show that you can’t rely on them for the accurate readings you need:

  • Beurer BC31 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Beurer Blood PressureArm Monitor BM40
  • IBP Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor HL168ZA
  • iHealth Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BP7
  • Kinetik Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BPM3
  • Maplin Fully Automatic Wrist Monitor
  • Medisana Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HGC

Our blood pressure monitors on test

We’ve tested well-known blood pressure monitor brands – including Boots blood pressure monitor reviews, market leader Omron and IBP – against a gold standard traditional mercury sphygmomanometer. We use criteria based on three international standards, in strictly-controlled clinic conditions. 

A monitor’s accuracy is vital, which is why 70% of the score we award monitors is based on this part of our tests. We are the only organisation that reveals the names of the models that fail accuracy tests.

We’re also unique in rating each blood pressure monitor for usability including comfort, ease of use, and the time taken to get a reading. This can be the difference between regularly using your monitor so you can spot any potential health problems, or leaving it in a drawer because you find it annoying and uncomfortable.

You can find out more about what distinguishes a good blood pressure monitor from one you can’t trust. Click to watch our video to find out more about how to buy the best blood pressure monitor.

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