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Which? favourite spiralizer for summer salads

See which spiralizer most impressed our experts

spiralized courgette

Courgetti is a popular choice for spiralizer lovers

Spiralizers have taken the UK by storm, but which is best for creating delicious summer salads? Our experts tried nine best-selling spiralizers so we can bring you our pick.

Originating from Japan, spiralizers are small kitchen gadgets used to slice up fresh veg into ribbons or noodles. 

We asked our experts to try out the most popular spiralizers so we can tell you which to go for, and which to avoid.

Want to know which spiralizer we named our favourite? Skip straight to spiralizers: our pick.

Horizontal, vertical or handheld – which spiralizer should I go for?

Spiralizing is becoming increasingly popular as a way to cut down on carbs by swapping pasta for noodles spiralized from fresh veg.

There are three main types of spiralizer to consider:

  • Horizontal spiralizers are probably the most popular. By turning a rotating handle, they allow you to churn your chosen vegetables through a blade to create vegetable ribbons. 
  • Vertical spiralizers are similar to horizontal spiralizers, except that – as the name suggests – vegetables are churned vertically downwards as opposed to horizontally.
  • Handheld spiralizers are more basic than horizontal and vertical spiralizers, and are usually the cheapest option. These models require you to manually twist vegetables through their blades, a bit like a pencil sharpener.

Find out more about the different types of spiralizer, along with advice on how much to pay, in our guide to choosing a spiralizer.

Spiralizers we tried

Our experts tried out nine of the most popular spiralizers, looking at a mixture of horizontal, vertical and handheld spiralizers. Included in the mix was a Lakeland Julienne peeler. Julienne peelers are often recommended as a cheaper alternative to a spiralizer. You can find out how this and the others in our list below performed by visiting our spiralizer first look reviews:

  • Gefu Spiralfix
  • Gourmet2day Spiralizer
  • Lakeland Vegetable Spiralizer
  • Cuisique Premium Spiralizer
  • Hemsley and Hemsley spiralizer
  • Lakeland Julienne
  • Lurch Spirali 10203
  • Lurch Spiralo
  • Premium Slicer

Creating courgetti – which spiralizer is best?

Spaghetti made from courgettes, or ‘courgetti’, is arguably the most popular choice for spiralizer lovers, but plenty of other veg can be spiralized too. 

Our experts challenged each spiralizer to make noodles from courgettes, sweet potatoes and carrots, to find out which would deliver the most consistent results.

Some of the spiralizers we looked at were a breeze to use, slicing long, even noodles from all three vegetables we tried them with. 

Others were less impressive – awkward to use, leaving us with short half-curls of vegetable known as ‘half-moons’.

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