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Revealed: the reliable dishwasher brands

Our survey uncovers dishwasher brands that last

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Make sure you invest in a dishwasher that cleans well and will last

When you look at a dishwasher in a shop or online, you have no way of telling whether it will quickly develop faults. You’ve told us you expect dishwashers to last for nine years – but how many actually do?

At Which? we’ve surveyed more than 9,000 people, collecting data on their appliances to find out which brands can be trusted to last. Two dishwasher brands achieved impressive results with four out of five of their dishwashers remaining fault free after ten years. 

To find out more, learn which are the most and least reliable dishwasher brands.

Best dishwasher brands

Each dishwasher brand is given a reliability rating that indicates how likely it is for its appliances to remain fault free within a ten year period. While dishwashers are more reliable overall than other household appliances, we’ve found there are big differences between brands.

But longevity isn’t the only thing that matters when choosing a dishwasher. We also asked customers how satisfied they were with their machine and how likely they would be to recommend the brand to a friend. One brand earned an impressive customer score of 89% while another earned a paltry 55%. 

Find out which brands are most likely to earn your loyalty by reading our guide on the best dishwasher brands.

Our new dishwasher reviews

Our expert dishwasher reviews help you separate the most effective dishwashers from those that are a waste of both money and space. We’ve recently tested eight dishwashers which all vary in size, type and price. Prices start at £189, meaning there’s a model for every budget, and we’ve tested slimline, compact and integrated models so there are options for those with smaller and built-in kitchens.

Fully integrated slimline models are uncommon, and the Beko DIS15010 is even more of a stand-out thanks to its affordable price. But does its cleaning stand out for the right reasons? Read our full dishwasher reviews to discover how each of these models did in our expert tests.

Freestanding full-sized

Fully integrated full-sized

Fully integrated slimline

Freestanding compact

Prices correct as of 16 December 2015.

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