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Two toasters to avoid uncovered by Which? testing

Plus two Best Buy toasters for less than £25

Delonghi Distinta CTI 4003.CP toaster

The Delonghi Distinta CTI 4003 is one of the new toasters we’ve tested – check out our reviews to find out how we rated it

Two toasters you should steer well clear of – unless you’re a fan of patchy, burnt or underdone toast – have been uncovered in the latest round of Which? tests.

Both did such a shoddy job of making toast that we’ve labelled them Don’t Buys. 

They’re the first toasters to receive this badge of dishonour in over 18 months. Scoring a paltry 36% and 38% respectively, they fall far short of the 85% achieved by our highest-scoring toaster.

Don’t get stuck with a dud – check our toaster reviews before buying so you know which toasters to avoid.

The price of perfect toast

One of the two Don’t Buy toasters was among the more expensive toasters we tested, but it produced seriously disappointing toast. 

Slices came out unevenly toasted, with only around half of each slice a nice golden brown. Large areas were pale and underdone, but when we turned up the settings slightly the toast ended up overdone – with a few burnt patches for good measure.

The second toaster – which was at the cheaper end of the scale – was even worse. The toast it made was inconsistent and often came out patchy. All slices were left with an area that was pale and underdone, while other bits of the same slice were sometimes overdone, leaving you with the worst of both worlds. To make matters worse, its slots aren’t big enough to fit most slices of bread.

See the full line-up of Best Buy toasters to find your perfect match and avoid patchy, unappetising toast.

Cheap Best Buy toasters

It isn’t all doom and gloom, as our latest tests also unearthed two Best Buy toasters, both of which can be had for under £25.

Which? toasters expert Matt Clear says: 

‘Good toasters at this price point aren’t always easy to come by, so we were delighted to see these two budget toasters produce such good results.

Both make great toast, with the the majority of the slice turning a nice golden brown. And one of the two toasts several rounds back-to-back without a noticeable drop-off in quality, something other toasters can struggle to achieve.’

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