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Top home gadget trends for 2016

Spiralizers, jug blenders... which should you buy?

Spiralizer, microwaves and smart appliances are just some of the trend-topping home gadgets Lakeland has said we’re buying in droves. But are these products actually worth investing in, or are they just the gimmick of the moment?

The most popular kitchen products of 2016 are those that help you create quick, healthy and delicious meals and that embrace cordless technology to help make life easier, according to new figures from Lakeland.

Below, we highlight Lakeland’s key kitchen gadget trends and reveal how you can get your hands on the best product without wasting your money. Plus, we reveal our predictions about the household gadgets that will continue to dominate in 2016. 

Just want to know which one to buy? Head straight to our spiralizer, nutribullet-style blender, microwave and cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.  


A spiralizer finely slices vegetables into long, thin ribbons – so that it looks a little like spaghetti or noodles. 

This has catapulted them to popularity as they promise to help you to make healthy meals relatively quickly, from ‘courgetti’, which is courgette that has been spiralized into spaghetti-like strips, to sliced fennel for coleslaw.

But not all spiralizers help you slice up your vegetables in minutes: some are really difficult and fiddly to use. We’ve reviewed 11 of the latest models – including three from Lakeland – to see which are easy to use and clean. See our pick of the best spiralizers to make sure you don’t waste your money. 


The microwave is nothing new, but its ability to let you grill, bake or steam food in minutes mean it’s a popular choice for those who don’t want to cook with fat or oil.

But our tests have found that not all microwaves can be relied on to do a good job: many leave patches of food cold or your meals over-dried, especially if you’re cooking a few items one after the other. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good microwave – as we’ve found a Best Buy for less than £40. See our microwave reviews to find the best one for you. 

Smart kitchen appliances

As our time becomes more stretched, Lakeland predicts that smart appliances that you can control from your mobile phone will become increasingly popular.

It’s a concept that makes sense in theory, but our research into this market has uncovered that the ‘smart revolution’ hasn’t taken off as quickly as manufacturers would have liked. 

If you’re interested in smart home gadgets, take a look at our guide for information on everything from smart appliances to smart security.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

We’ve seen a flood of new cordless vacuums come onto the market in the last year, from big brands including Dyson, Gtech, Bosch and AEG. 

They all claim to make vacuuming easier, and some even claim to match conventional cleaners. But we’d suggest being skeptical as we’ve found Don’t Buys scoring less that 30%, while Best Buys have scored far nearer 80%. See our cordless vacuum cleaner reviews to find the best.

Jug and mini blenders

We know that mini blenders and jug blenders are popular kitchen gadgets, a trend that shows little sign of diminishing.

Jug blenders are great for whizzing up soups for the whole family, especially if you have four or more mouths to feed, while mini blenders – which have a much smaller capacity – are ideal if you like to whip up a healthy smoothie to take with you on your commute to work. 

But we’ve found many models that don’t blend ingredients well, leaving you with unpalatable lumps. Visit our reviews of mini blenders, including three Nutribullets, and jug blenders, to find the best for you. 

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