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Can this new smart mattress and mattress topper improve your sleep?

Are they worth buying or just expensive toys?

Smart mattress

The Balluga smart mattress claims to be able to monitor and improve your sleep

A new smart mattress, the Balluga, and mattress topper, the Chilipad, claim to give you a better night’s sleep through sleep monitoring and temperature control. But are there cheaper solutions to bedtime nightmares?

If you struggle to get a great night’s sleep, or are having constant battles with your partner because you prefer to be cold while they always complain about being too chilly, help could be at hand.

The new Balluga mattress is a smart mattress that claims to monitor your sleep patterns and adjust the mattress accordingly.

Then there is the Chilipad mattress topper, which supposedly allows you to set the temperature for each side of the bed, meaning you can be cool and calm while your partner is toasty warm. 

But both come with a high price tag – the Chilipad is £549 for a double, while the Balluga, which is due to launch in October, could set you back £3,200 or more, depending on the size. Read on to see our advice on cheaper alternatives to these pricey gadgets.

If you’re interested in smart home gadgets, take a look at our comprehensive guide to smart home technology, which includes Which? advice on whether the latest smart products are worth buying.

Chilipad mattress topper

The Chilipad mattress topper is able to heat and cool the surface of the mattress topper, from 13°C to 43°C, using a water pumping system, similar to underfloor heating. Remote controls allow you to adjust the temperature of each side of the topper independently by 1°C at a time.

Chilipad claims that this can help reduce your heating bills as you’ll only need to heat the mattress, instead of the whole room. But it’s worth noting that when we tested electric blankets, some which can also heat up each side of the bed separately, the most efficient only cost £2.99 to run, and the worst just £8.06, when on for two hours a day, every day for half a year.

You might want to also consider an electric fan, many of which can warm you up as well as cooling you down, and can cost as little as £10.

Balluga smart mattress

This mattress claims to be able to monitor a number of things while you sleep – all of which you can check on your phone – and adjust the mattress accordingly to make sure you stay sound asleep. 

For example, it looks at the pressure of your body on the mattress, and adjusts the air running through it to alter the firmness, so that your body and spine are aligned as they should be. You can also change the firmness yourself using your phone.

It also monitors your body and the room temperature (which, like with the Chilipad, can be set to be different for each side), heart rate, and whether you are snoring. If one of you does disturb the peace by snoring, it will raise and lower the mattress under your pillow until you stop. 

This all sounds very impressive, but the price is high, especially considering we have found Best Buy mattresses for less than £200. In addition, one of the key mattress tests we undertake is assessing your body’s position on the mattress – only ones that support you as they should get Best Buy status.

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