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£80 Lidl coffee machine back in stores

Get our verdict on whether it's worth buying

Lidl espresso machine

Update for 30 October 2017: This coffee machine is back in Lidl stores. As with all Lidl special offers, it will only be for a limited time while current stocks last.

Are you holding out for Black Friday to get your hands on a bargain coffee machine? The wait may be over, as Lidl has brought back its automatic espresso machine deal.

The Lidl Silvercrest Espresso coffee machine costs just £80, and has pre-set drink options and an automatic milk frothing system for making easy cappuccinos and lattes.

It’s available in Lidl stores from Sunday 29 October while stocks last. We tried it out in November 2016, when it last went on sale, to see if it could make a decent espresso on a shoestring.

See the Lidl coffee machine in action in the video below, then head to the Lidl Silvercrest Espresso Machine first look review to find out if we thought this was a bargain worth snapping up. 

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Lidl coffee machine – how it compares

Basic ground coffee makers can cost as little as £50, but a rock-bottom price doesn’t necessarily mean poor coffee. We’ve come across some brilliant budget models in our years of testing.

They usually look and feel cheap, though, with plain plastic exteriors and little in the way of extra features – although most will have a steam wand for milk frothing.

The Lidl Silvercrest espresso machine bucks the trend with a smart steel design, a selection of pre-set coffee programmes to choose from, and an automatic milk frothing unit. This means you can get a freshly brewed cappuccino at the touch of a button. It also has a self-clean function for easy maintenance.

These extras make the Lidl coffee maker a tempting prospect. The user-friendly controls mean it’s almost as simple as a Nespresso-style capsule machine when it comes to making a quick brew, but without the ongoing cost of capsules.

To see all the cheap coffee machines we’ve reviewed and compare your options, head to our independent coffee machine reviews.

Lidl coffee machine The £80 Lidl Silvercrest espresso machine is only available while stocks last

Is a ground coffee machine right for you?

Ground coffee espresso machines, such as this Lidl model, are one of the most cost-effective options for your daily brew. They are cheaper to buy than bean-to-cup coffee machines and cheaper to run than pod coffee machines.

You can decide how much coffee and water you use, as well as how much to froth the milk, so you have more control over the process. This can mean more work, though, as ground coffee machines can be more fussy to use and clean than other types. You’ll need to measure and prepare the ground coffee yourself before putting the ground coffee holder in the machine. This can be fiddly at first but doesn’t take long once you’re used to it.

We’ve reviewed more than 40 currently available ground coffee machines and have found that you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a model that is easy to use and makes a decent espresso – some of our Best Buys cost less than £100.

To see which coffee machines made it into our list of top picks, head to our best coffee machines.

Black Friday deals: what to expect

The biggest sale event of the year is almost here, so you might be holding out on buying products in the hope of snagging a bargain. It’s important to know what to look out for and how to make sure the deals you see are genuine, though.

We keep an eye on how much retailers charge for products throughout the year, so we can help you distinguish the deals from the duds. For example, we know of a few coffee machines that are often on sale throughout the year, so you know not to rush in if you see them on offer for Black Friday.

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