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Steer clear of this terrible toaster

Latest toaster reviews uncover pricey Don't Buy

Two slices of very pale toast, produced by a Don't Buy toaster

The toaster we rated as a Don’t Buy produced pallid slices like these – even on its maximum setting

We’ve reviewed a fresh batch of 2016’s most popular toasters, and uncovered one toaster that was so poor at toasting bread we’ve named it a Don’t Buy.

Despite costing more than £80, this premium toaster failed to make even half-way decent toast, scoring a paltry 35% in our tests. Even on the highest browning setting, we found the toast came out pale and underdone.

It was so bad in fact, that we thought it must have been faulty. We bought another one to double-check, but got the same poor toasting results when we tested it.

Which? toasters expert Matt Clear said:

‘It’s really rare to see a toaster as bad as this one. When you turn a toaster up to its maximum setting, you expect it to come out fairly dark, but for some reason this toaster barely toasted the bread at all.’

See the full list of toasters to avoid by checking our round-up of Don’t Buy toasters.

Paying more doesn’t guarantee better toast

This isn’t the first expensive toaster we’ve found that fails to live up to it’s premium price tag. Terrible toasters seem to crop up at both ends of the price scale. One of our worst toasters on record costs just £8, so you might not be surprised it isn’t the best around. But two others cost £100 or more.

High-end toasters usually offer more in terms of features. Many include special settings for different breads such as bagels, crumpets or tea cakes – or toasted sandwich cages for making a savoury treat. But unfortunately, some spectacularly fail to get the basics right. So while a premium toaster may look stylish in your kitchen, you could end up very disappointed come breakfast time.

Whether you want a high-end toaster or your budget is under £25 we’ve found top-scoring toasters at all price points. Head to our toaster reviews to narrow down by type or price and pick the best option for you.

Thinking of a new toaster for 2017?

We’ve reviewed over 30 toasters during 2016, and two stood out as being particularly good, both scoring 73% in our tests.

The first toaster, which currently costs just £25, can fit in standard slices vertically or horizontally. The results are impressive; slices are browned evenly, with just the tiniest strip of pale bread at the edge. The second is more expensive at around £50, but it’s matching kettle is also a Best Buy – a rare achievement.

You might want to consider some of our older toaster reviews though, as some of our current best-scoring models are actually from 2014 and 2015. These toasters are still available to buy and several scored over 80% in our tests.

You can compare all the top-scorers by heading to our list of the best toasters.

Latest toaster reviews

Here’s the full line-up of toasters we’ve just tested. Click on the individual links to see the full reviews.

 Prices correct as of Friday 2 December 2016.

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