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New Samsung QuickDrive WD8800 washer-dryer launches today

Get our first thoughts on the latest addition to the popular Quickdrive range from Samsung

Samsung launches its WD8800 QuickDrive Washer Dryer with AddWash today.

This new smart washer-dryer is latest addition to the rapidly expanding stable of QuickDrive laundry appliances that includes the innovative QuickDrive washing machine range and newly launched smart DV8800 heat-pump tumble dryer with a 9kg drum.

We’ll be buying this Samsung washer-dryer to put it through our tough tests as soon as we can.

Read on for our initial thoughts. Alternatively, you can find out whether Samsung’s claims stack up, and what we made of them in our reviews of the 8kg-capacity Samsung QuickDrive WW80M645OPW and the 9kg Samsung QuickDrive WW90M645OPW washing machines.

What’s new with the Samsung QuickDrive washer-dryer?

Just like its QuickDrive washing machine stablemates, the WD8800 QuickDrive Washer Dryer uses a counter-rotating back panel in the drum.

Samsung tells us that when set to wash mode, the QuickDrive feature cuts washing times by up to 50% without compromising on cleaning, when washing a 5kg load at 40°C. Samsung claims that the back panel – known as the ‘pulsator’ on its machines – creates a faster water flow though the drum and allows clothes to be cleaned more quickly.

We say: Building a laundry appliance with a counter-rotating drum isn’t new – Dyson did this in 2001 with its relatively short-lived Contrarotator washing machine. But in Dyson’s case, the drum came in two parts, with each half moving independently of the other.

Does it really reduce washing times?

Samsung’s speed claims are based on its machine washing a half-load, rather than being any fuller. So, if you rarely wash half-loads and your machine is always full to bursting point on wash-day, this might not be the feature for you.

We say: This will benefit people who wash little and often. And with there being a growing consumer demand for quick washes of lightly soiled clothes, this Samsung feature sounds like it’s been designed with this market in mind and could be both helpful and time-saving.

What is addwash?

While stopping a machine to add a few extra items isn’t unique to Samsung washing machines, being able to do this through a hatch set into the door is.

We say: Using Samsung’s method for resolving the problem of finding extra items to wash the moment you press the ‘start’ button feels like an easy-to-use fix for this perpetual wash-day niggle.

How is it smart?

Like many Samsung machines released since 2015, this one can be controlled via your smartphone. Simply download the ‘SmartThings’ app and you can set and monitor the washing or drying.

We say: We can see the benefits of using your phone when running a wash program, but think twice before doing this while drying if you’re not at home. Our safety advice is to be at home and awake when you’re drying clothes in a tumble dryer or washer-dryer.

What’s it like at drying?

While making no specific claims about innovation or features when it comes to drying, Samsung tells us that the WD8800 QuickDrive Washer Dryer can wash and dry a 4kg mixed load in around three hours.

How much does the Samsung WD8800 QuickDrive Washer Dryer cost?

It’s not cheap. Buying a new one will set you back from £1,049.99 for a machine with a 8kg wash capacity and a 5kg dryer capacity. Price go up to an eye-watering £1,799.99 for a machine with a 10kg washing capacity and a 6kg drying capacity. It’s available in white as well as graphite with a blue door.

New Samsung DV8800 heat-pump tumble dryer

If you’re not in the market for a washer-dryer but looking to pair your newly purchased Samsung QuickDrive washing machine with a matching dryer, you might be interested in the new Samsung DV8800 (pictured above).

Energy efficiency, a large drum and the convenience of controlling and checking your drying define Samsung’s latest heat-pump tumble dryer.

Using the official EU measure for energy efficiency, this Samsung is about as frugal as you’ll find, and that’s why you’ll see it rated A+++ for energy. But you’ll find many dryers with A+++ ratings today, so don’t rush to the shops to bag yourself a Samsung based on this alone.

The drum has room inside for a healthy 9kg of laundry – making it larger than average – and its moisture and temperature sensors set the drying times.

You can use Samsung’s AirWash setting to blow hot air through clothes to refresh them, with the manufacturer suggesting that this would work well for one or two items.

And finally, if you download the Samsung ‘SmartThings’ app, you’ll be able to run and monitor the machine from your phone.

A new Samsung DV8800 heat-pump tumble dryer will cost from £899.99 for a machine with a 9kg capacity. As with the washer-dryer, it’s available in white and graphite with a blue door.

We’ll be testing both Samsung machines as soon as we can. But for now, go here for our Samsung washer-dryer reviews and our Samsung tumble-dryer reviews.

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