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Samsung unveils feature-packed Dual Cook Flex oven

New smart oven can cook two dishes independently at the same time

Samsung has revealed its new internet-enabled smart oven, the Dual Cook Flex, at the EuroCucina 2018 kitchen trade fair in Milan.

This new smart oven also has a dual-cook system and flexible door, enabling you to cook two dishes at different temperatures at the same time.

Below, we run through the key features of the Dual Cook Flex oven, and for details on budget and premium ovens we’ve tested in our lab.

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Samsung Dual Cook Flex Oven – key features

Samsung says that the Dual Cook Flex will make it easier for you to prepare multiple dishes at once. Its standout features include:

  • Dual-cook system: Thanks to the oven’s unique design, you can use the upper and lower compartments as separate ovens, cooking at two different temperatures for different lengths of time. Removing the divider creates a bigger compartment for special occasions – handy if you’re cooking a turkey at Christmas.
  • A flexible door: This can let you access the upper oven compartment separately, so you can open the door to the top shelf without losing heat in the lower chamber.
  • Energy-efficient design: Samsung says you can reduce preheat time to only four minutes, and energy usage by up to 20%, by using the upper compartment only for cooking.
  • SmartThings app: The Dual Cook Flex oven partners with a smartphone app, enabling you to preheat the oven before you get home. You can also monitor your cooking remotely (there are 40 pre-programmed cooking settings) and adjust the cooking conditions from the comfort of your chair. You’ll still have the onerous task of actually putting the food in the oven, however.

See how the Dual Cook Flex’s unique door design works by using our sliding tool below:

The new Dual Cook Flex becomes the latest addition to Samsung’s ever-growing array of SmartThings-integrated products, which includes the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine and Samsung Connected Robot Vacuum. 

Reviews of built-in ovens for every budget

While our range of Best Buy ovens are a joy to use and will cook your food evenly, our tests have uncovered models that perform so poorly that ruining your meals is far too easy – we’ve labelled them as Don’t Buys.

We don’t yet know how much the Dual Cook Flex will cost, but it’s likely to be expensive. Thankfully, our expert tests prove you don’t always need to spend a lot to pick up a highly rated oven. Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of built-in ovens with whizzy features at a range of prices – click through to the reviews to see whether they’re worth spending your money on.

Neff B14M42N5GB – £390

Ovens don’t need to cost the earth. Neff’s B14M42N5GB built-in oven makes cooking a breeze with excellent results, even when cooking on three levels at the same time.

It’s multifunctional, so you can use more than one heat setting at the same time. For example, you might want to add a crispy top to your dish with the grill while the fan circulates hot air at a lower temperature.

With a volume of 40 litres, you should even be able to fit in a full roast dinner with all the trimmings, and you have a choice of black, white and stainless-steel finishes.

See how this oven performed in our lab with our Neff B14M42N5GB review, or see all of our built-in ovens under £400.

Miele H 2267 BP – £680

This mid-priced built-in oven has plenty of features, including a cleaning program that saves you time by taking the hard work out of an unpopular chore. A child lock gives you peace of mind while out of the kitchen, as does an automatic safety cut-off that activates If the oven has been on for too long.

The Miele H 2267 BP is bigger than most, with 56 litres of usable space. A timer lets you confirm the start, end and duration times for your cooking, so you can set it up worry-free and leave the room while it does its job.

See whether this oven is worthy of Best Buy status in our Miele H 2267 BP review.

AEG BSE79232OM – £1,122

This high-end oven doesn’t come cheap, but an impressive array of features may tempt you. It strives to redefine a multifunctional oven by not only having the usual fan and conventional heating modes, but also steam cooking and settings for yogurt making, drying, preserving and proving.

It also has a setting that lets you know when your dish is cooked through, and comes with two shelves, a baking sheet and a patisserie tray.

An oven might have all the features in the world, but how does it work in practice? See our exhaustive AEG BSE79232OM review.

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