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Just how good are Samsung American fridge freezers?

We’ve put the 2018 range of American-style Samsung fridge freezers through our tough tests to see if they’re worth their hefty price tags

Just how good are Samsung American fridge freezers?

Samsung’s latest range of American fridge freezers is a mixed bag, with some models ranking among the best we’ve seen and others among the worst, our latest test results reveal.

We put six of Samsung’s new side-by-side models, including the £2,400 Family Hub smart fridge freezer, through our tough chilling and freezing tests to find out which models will keep your food fresher for longer without driving up your energy bills or being frustrating to live with.

Three of them were exceptional enough to be Best Buys, earning a higher overall score than any other American-style fridge freezer we’ve seen.

But the others were disappointing, especially considering they cost more than £900. One of them could only manage a dismal score of 52%, giving it the dubious distinction of being not only the worst Samsung fridge freezer on test, but one of the worst American-style fridge freezers we’ve seen from any brand.

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Samsung fridge freezers: what’s the fuss about?

The average price of the 35 Samsung side-by-side fridge freezers we’ve reviewed to date is more than £1,000. Top-of-the-range models, such as the Family Hub (pictured below), cost more than twice that. When we’ve uncovered Best Buys costing less than £500 from other brands, why should you splash out on a Samsung?

For a start, while there are dozens of Samsung American-style fridge freezers available, without exception they’re stylish and packed full of features. They also tend to contain more usable storage space than other models – the average usable volume of the Samsung models we’ve reviewed is 412 litres, compared to 383 litres of non-Samsung models.

Every Samsung model we’ve reviewed has a flame-retardant metal back (find out why you need to care about this in our guide to fridge freezer safety) and with more than 10 Samsung Best Buys to choose from, you should be able to find the perfect model for your kitchen.

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How much should you spend on a Samsung American fridge freezer?

To give you an idea of what you’re getting for your money, we’ve picked out models from three different price points in Samsung’s range, below. But while spending more will get you more in the way of features, it doesn’t guarantee superior chilling and freezing power – as our tests have proved time and again.

Samsung RS54N3103SA – £999

This is one of the cheapest models in Samsung’s side-by-side range, but its minimal design and sleek silver finish still looks the part.

It’s equipped with a frost-free freezer, a fast-freeze setting, door alarms and 380 litres of usable space – enough for around 19 supermarket carrier bags of shopping. That’s less than another Samsung models we’ve tested, but that might be a good thing if it means the fridge and freezer cool more quickly and efficiently.

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Samsung RS68N8240S9 – £1,699

This model is a step up from the RS54N3103SA in terms of price, features and storage space.

You get all the features mentioned above, as well as a super-cool mode in the fridge, a high-temperature alarm – to alert you when the temperature in the freezer rises beyond safe levels – plus a water and ice dispenser, which needs to be plumbed in. Also, there’s a cavernous 469 litres of usable space – enough for around 24 supermarket carrier bags-worth of shopping.

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Samsung Family Hub RS68N8941SL/EU – £2,399

The Family Hub is intended to be the jewel in Samsung’s crown, but it doesn’t come cheap. It has almost every conceivable feature and a hefty usable volume of 457 litres, but it’s the smart features that really separate the Family Hub from the rest.

Internal cameras send pictures of what’s in your fridge to your smartphone, so you don’t forget buy when you’re in the supermarket. The huge screen on the fridge door can be used to track expiry dates of food and has an array of other uses, including recipe inspiration, playing TV shows and music, writing notes and organising and displaying your calendar.

These fantastic features are all well and good, but is this fridge freezer actually any good at chilling and freezing?

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Samsung fridge freezer reviews

Follow the links below for our verdict on the other three Samsung American fridge freezers we’ve tested so far in 2018, or head to our fridge freezer reviews to see everything on test.

Samsung RS50N3513SA – £969
Samsung RS52N3213SA – £1,099
Samsung RS68N8230B1/EU – £1,499

Prices correct as of 24 August 2018.

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