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Apple makes the most reliable laptops while Microsoft disappoints

Apple also performs well for tablet and smartphone reliability in our unique survey of Which? members about the tech products they own

Apple has performed brilliantly in our annual tech reliability survey. It makes the most reliable laptops (coming out streets ahead of rival Microsoft) as well as tablets. It’s one of the most reliable brands of smartphone, too.

This year we asked 9,278 Which? members about the tech products they own. In total they told us about 43,682 separate tech devices from TVs and PVRs to printers and headphones.

The result is a treasure trove of information on a range of different tech product categories. We can tell you how leading brands in each category rank for reliability, customer score and much more.

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Why are Apple owners so satisfied?

Laptop owners in our survey paid, on average, £1,037 for an Apple laptop and £1,083 for a Microsoft one. While the price paid is similar, the reliability score each achieved is poles apart.

Apple is the most reliable laptop brand with a reliability score of 81%, compared with a disappointing 66% for Microsoft. The least reliable brand scored 65%.

Our reliability ratings are based on the proportion of faulty products reported to us, the severity of those faults, and how old the product was when the first fault occurred.

Despite its mediocre reliability score, Microsoft achieved the second-highest customer score with 78%, meaning that despite its disappointing reliability record, its owners remain well satisfied with their product and likely to recommend it to a friend.

Apple achieved the top customer score with 88% while the lowest score for a brand was 60%.

As you can see in the graph above, spending more on a product is no guarantee of its reliability. Visit our guide to the most reliable laptop brands to find out which cheaper brands you can rely on.

The most common faults

Of those who reported a fault with their laptop, battery faults (11%), hard disk failures (8%) and freezing screens (7%) were the most common, according to our survey. After seven years, 85% of Apple laptops were fault-free compared with just 70% for the worst brand.

It is a similar story for smartphones, with charging faults (19%), frozen screens (14%) and the phone turning itself off (7%) making up the top three faults, according to our survey.

Which are the best and worst tech brands?

Click on the links to discover the best and worst brands in each of the tech product categories below:

Once you know which brands are the ones to choose, make sure you check our in-depth, lab-tested, reviews to make sure you get a tech product that will leave you delighted.

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