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Beko, Bosch or Miele: which top dishwasher brands can you rely on?

Paying more will get you a better and more reliable dishwasher. But there are some cheap brands you can still rely on - and expensive brands which disappoint

Beko, Bosch or Miele: which top dishwasher brands can you rely on?

A Which? survey has shown that spending more will get you a reliable dishwasher, but there are a few more budget brands that buck this trend.

The brand with the lowest average spend for a dishwasher gets a respectable reliability rating of 74%, beating out brands much more expensive.

The least reliable dishwasher brand scores just 54% for reliability. This means that after eight years of use, you’ve got roughly a 50:50 chance of a dishwasher from this brand becoming faulty.

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Spending more gets you more

We surveyed 4,012 Which? members between September and October 2018 to find out when their dishwasher experienced a fault, what problems they encountered and how happy they were with their dishwasher.

We found that to get the most reliable dishwashers, you’ll need to spend more than £400.

But one of the least reliable brands in our survey is on the pricier side – with an average spend of £421.

Reliable dishwashers are better at cleaning

The least reliable dishwasher brand also makes a number of models so bad at cleaning and drying that we recommend you don’t buy these dishwashers.

Generally, a more reliable, and therefore more expensive, dishwasher will get you better cleaning and drying results. In fact, more than half the dishwashers we’ve reviewed that cost more than £600 are a Best Buy.

If you refuse to spend that much, but don’t want to sacrifice on clean and dry dishes, you can still get a Best Buy for less than £300. Go to our list of the top five cheap dishwashers for 2019 for our latest recommendations.

How to fix the most common dishwasher faults

The most common problem people experience with their dishwasher is a drop in how well it cleans. But before replacing your dishwasher, it’s worth checking and cleaning out the filter, as this could be caused by grime and dirt caught in there.

It’s also worth topping up your dishwasher salt, this softens the water and makes sure your dishwasher detergent is working at its best.

Before blaming your dishwasher, try Best Buy dishwasher tablets

If your dishwasher isn’t draining, you can head to our handy step-by-step video guide on how to drain a dishwasher.

Poor drying could be caused by a broken heating element. But before calling a repairer or replacing, top up the rinse aid. This will help water roll off of dishes, glasses and cutlery more easily, giving you drier results.

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