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Acer launches new Aspire laptops and wood-finished desktop for 2019

Latest laptops from Acer should be on sale in time for the new school term

Acer launches new Aspire laptops and wood-finished desktop for 2019

Acer has launched a bundle of new devices due to launch ahead of the 2019 back-to-school season. We run through the most interesting devices you’re likely to see later this year.

Acer’s 2019 range of computers includes a wood-finished desktop computer as well as more than half a dozen new or updated Windows 10 laptops.

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Acer Aspire 3, 5 and 7 – updated for 2019

Acer has refreshed its range of odd-numbered Aspire laptops, with the high-end 7 and mid-range 5 and 3. The laptops all look similar, but they have had minor specification updates and USB ports have been rearranged slightly. Some have also gained fingerprint readers, although which models will get what features depends on what UK retailers decide to stock.


The Aspire 7, which should be available from July, will be priced from around £1,000. You’ll get a laptop that’s designed for high-end work such as editing videos, photos and playing games. It comes with the latest, top-spec Intel Core i7 H-series processor and up to 16GB of Ram, as well as dedicated graphics from Nvidia to help boost gaming performance. It’ll also come with a fast solid-state drive and high-capacity hard disks.

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Also launching is the Aspire 5, starting from £499. It will be available in various sizes up to 15.6 inches, and is geared towards multimedia tasks with Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 U-series processors that balance performance with power efficiency. Some versions of this laptop will also come with dedicated graphics from either AMD or Nvidia.

Finally in the Aspire range is the 3 series, which comes in a vast range of specifications starting at around £350. It will come in 14-, 15.6- and 17.3-inch versions, with a focus on a more slimline design than its two siblings. The largest model will also come with a built-in DVD drive. 

Acer Spin 3 – a 2-in-1 laptop with a stylus

The Spin 3 is Acer’s mid-range 2-in-1 laptop starting at around £700. It has a 14-inch touchscreen that can be flipped around to the back of the laptop so it can be used as a large tablet. The difference between it and last year’s model is that it now comes with a stylus pen for drawing and taking notes. The pen can be docked inside the laptop, where it will also be charged. Unlike last year’s model, which came with a low-power Intel Pentium processor, this year’s Spin 3 will feature Intel Core processors instead.

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Acer ConceptD – Performance and design at a price

Acer also launched a selection of design-focused computers under the name ConceptD. Models include the ConceptD 9, which is a laptop with a rotatable, easel-style touchscreen and hugely powerful internals. Expect this model to start at around £5,000.

Alongside some decidedly more standard-looking laptops, Acer also launched the ConceptD 500 (below). This desktop PC comes in a distinctive white case, with a wood finish on top. Also on top is a Qi-standard wireless charging pad, which will be handy if your phone supports it. Inside, there are once again some very powerful components, including a top-spec Intel Core i9 processor. Don’t expect to pay much less than £2,000 if and when this device comes to the UK.

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