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How much do you need to spend for a good fridge freezer?

Discover how little you can get away with spending to get a great chiller and how much to splash out for the best

How much do you need to spend for a good fridge freezer?

Fridge freezers can cost less than £200 or more than £2,000 and, when they all have the same basic job of chilling and freezing your food, it’s reasonable to wonder where your money is going.

It can be hard to tell – at every price point, we’ve found fridge freezers that are inefficient, awkward to use and, most importantly, slow to chill and freeze meaning your food is less likely to stay fresh and flavourful.

The good news is that while a good fridge freezer may not cost as little as you’d like, it isn’t as pricey as you might think. We’ve found Best Buys costing less than £300 – more than four times cheaper than some of the freezers we’ve labelled ‘Don’t Buys’.

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Can I get away with spending less than £250?

We’ve tested 29 fridge freezers costing £250 or less. All of them are freestanding fridge freezers and most of them aren’t up to much.

In fact, half of them are so bad we’ve made them Don’t Buys. Only four models in this price range did respectably in our tests, and none are good enough to be Best Buys.

Don’t expect much in the way of features, either. Most models at this price point aren’t even frost-free, so you’ll have to go through the hassle of defrosting them by hand every time ice builds up in the freezer.

That doesn’t mean they can’t look good, though. We’ve just tested the Fridgemaster MC55264AB, which has a sleek black finish and costs just £189.

What can I get for between £250 and £400?

Splashing out a bit more is still no guarantee of getting a good fridge freezer. We’ve tested 118 models priced between £250 and £400 and Don’t Buys outnumber Best Buys by more than two to one.

The good news is that some of the best freestanding fridge freezers we’ve seen fall into this category, some of them costing less than £300. We’ve tested models from the likes of Kenwood and even Samsung that will help to keep your food fresher for longer without costing a fortune to buy or run.

Frost-free freezers, water dispensers and digital control panels all become more common at this price point, too. Take the recently tested Hoover HHN56182WK (pictured above), for example.

You’re still not exactly spoiled for choice if you’re looking for something other than a conventional freestanding fridge freezer, and you’ll have to settle for fewer features, too. But there are some basic models from the likes of Hisense and Logik that are well worth considering if you’re reluctant to spend more than £400.

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What if I stretch to between £400 and £700?

You can get a top fridge freezer in this price range – literally. Our top-scoring freestanding fridge freezer – and top-scoring of all the fridge freezers – falls into this price band.

Not only is it a fantastic home for your food, whatever the temperature in your kitchen, but it’s also cheap to run and easy to use.

You’ll have a range of Best Buys to choose from at this price point, even if you’re looking for an integrated or American fridge freezer and you’ll also start to see features such as door alarms and energy-saving holiday modes.

The Ikea Isande (903.778.09) is a recent integrated fridge freezer that comes with more features than you might expect at this price. At £650, it isn’t especially cheap but then built-in models rarely are. If it can keep your energy bills down and maximise the lifespan of your food, it will be money well spent.

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Fridge freezers costing £700 or more

You don’t need to spend this much to get a good fridge freezer, whatever type you’re after. But having this sort of cash to put towards a fridge freezer does have advantages.

If you’re looking for ether the best integrated or the best American fridge freezer that money can buy, you’ll need to spend more than £1,000.

You’ll also unlock some pretty premium features, such as super-sleek black steel finishes and multi-temperature zones.

The Haier HTF-610DSN7 (pictured above), which we tested last month, has both. On top of a host of other features, one of this model’s two freezer compartments can be converted into extra fridge space, which could be handy at busy times, such as in the run up to Christmas.

But at an eye-watering £1,699, its only worth investing in if can excel at its main job of quickly cooling your food and maintaining a safe and stable temperature at all times.

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