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The best deals in the Easter mattress sales

Find out whether the latest mattress deals are really as good as they look, and where to buy them for the best prices

The best deals in the Easter mattress sales

It may not be quite as certain as death and taxes, but you can still be fairly confident that long bank holiday weekends bring deals and discounts on new mattresses. Sure enough, there are some seemingly huge mattress savings to be had over Easter 2019.

To separate the bargains from the duds, we’ve been tracking mattress prices since late March. We’ve found that some of the deals advertised this weekend are genuinely good, while plenty others are less clear cut.

We’ve rounded up five of the best discounts below, and revealed a couple that we’re not so sure about. Plus, scroll down to find out what we think of the latest deals from Casper, Emma and Eve.

Bear in mind that no matter how good a deal seems, we don’t advise rushing into a big purchase without some research.

There are several mattress sales periods every year, and you’re likely to keep your mattress for as long as a decade, so it’s worth taking time to make the right decision.

We’ve tested mattresses in our lab, where only the very best come up trumps. See our full list of the best mattresses.

Five of the best Easter mattress deals

1) Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign: real saving of £140 at John Lewis

Latex mattresses are a more natural alternative to synthetic memory foam, but they don’t tend to come cheap. This one is no exception, but Dunlopillo says the latex is highly breathable while also moulding to your body shape to provide top support.

It’s currently available for £1,119 at John Lewis, which is a 20% discount from its usual price. That suggests a huge saving of £240, but the same mattress is currently available from Amazon for £1,259, so the real saving is actually £140 – which is still not to be sniffed at.

Read our Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign review to see how supportive and long-lasting this mattress is.

2) Simba Hybrid Mattress: real saving of £120 at Argos

Bed-in-a-box mattress brands sell direct to consumers, so you might well assume that the best prices are always on their websites. But with more and more brands making their mattresses available via traditional routes as well, that’s not always the case.

The Simba Hybrid mattress, for example, is currently on offer at Argos for a price of £479 – the cheapest price we’ve seen in weeks. In late March and early April, Argos and John Lewis were both selling it for £599 and the price on Simba’s website has consistently been at £649.

That’s a huge saving of well over £100. The caveat is that the 100-night sleep trial you get at Argos is exchange-only if you decide you don’t like the mattress, whereas you’ll get a full refund if you order direct from Simba.

Reduce the chance of needing to return it by reading our Simba Hybrid review to check it will suit your body size and sleeping position.

3) Bensons for Beds Sensaform Memory Active 3000 Mattress: real saving of £110

If you’re looking for a pocket-sprung mattress this Easter, you may want to consider this one from Bensons for Beds. Despite containing a layer of memory foam above the springs, it doesn’t feel especially warm to lie on. Better yet, it usually costs £549, so the current 20%-off price of £439 will give you a very healthy saving of £110.

But you’ll quickly forget about that saving if you find that it starts to sag and soften. Read our Sensaform Memory Active mattress review to find out how it fared in our durability tests.

4) Halo by Fogarty: real saving of £100 at Dunelm

The Halo mattress is exclusive to Dunelm and combines pocket springs and memory foam in an effort to provide exceptional long-lasting support for your spine.

The current price of £399 is a genuine saving of more than £100. We’ve checked the price of this mattress three times in recent weeks and it’s consistently cost £499.

But does it succeed in its aim to provide long-lasting support? You’ll have to read our Halo mattress review to find out.

5) Hush by Airsprung: real saving of £100 at Argos

This is one of only a few bed-in-a-box mattresses to feature full-sized pocket springs, as well as additional layers of foam and memory foam. If it can provide the best of both worlds, it should be breathable, easy to turn over on and good at preventing the transfer of movement from one side of the bed to the other.

You can currently buy one at Argos for £399, which is more than £120 less than its price on Hush’s website and £100 cheaper than it’s been at Argos in recent weeks. While the 100-night sleep trial that Argos offers is exchange-only, the size of the saving is certainly tempting – as long as the mattress impressed in our tough tests.

Read our Hush mattress review for our expert verdict.

Not-so-good Easter mattress deals

1) Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re looking for a proper memory foam mattress – and by that we mean a mattress that has more than just a token layer of memory foam sandwiched between other materials – the Ergoflex 5G may have caught your eye.

But you may want to hold off on buying one a little longer. Although Ergoflex is offering a £150 off promotion over Easter, taking the price down from £649 to £499, the promotion isn’t quite as good as it looks. On more than one occasion over the last month, we’ve seen the Ergoflex available (using a promo code) for £487. That said, the current deal does include a free pillow (worth £55), so you could still make an overall saving.

Read our Ergoflex Memory Foam mattress review to see if it’s worth waiting for.

2) Sealy Teramo1400

The downside with mattresses that are available at a variety of retailers, such as the Sealy Teramo 1400 (also sold as the Nostromo 1400) is that it makes genuine deals that much harder to spot.

For example, Bensons for Beds is offering 20% off all Sealy mattresses, taking the price of the Nostromo 1400 down from £720 to £575. At first glance, that looks like a very healthy saving, but the same mattress is currently available for under £550 at other online retailers and we saw it for less than £530 earlier in April.

Read our Sealy Teramo 1400 review for our expert verdict.

What about Eve, Casper and Emma mattresses?

All three of these big bed-in-a-box brands are running mattress sales this weekend, but are they as good as they look?

The Emma Original Mattress

One of the best-known bed-in-a-box brands, Emma is offering 35% off everything with the promo code EASTERMAY35. At full-price, the Emma Original costs £649, so a 35% discount means you can get hold of one for £422.

That’s the best price we’ve seen, making this a good deal. But it’s still worth bearing in mind that the Emma was discounted down to £480 in late March and early April, so the saving perhaps isn’t as big as it seems on first glance.

Read our Emma Original Mattress review to see if it’s worth buying.

The Casper Essential Mattress

The Casper Essential Mattress, which we recently reviewed, is currently available for £360 using the promo code CRACKINGDEAL. That’s £40 cheaper than it was earlier in April. It was also available for £360 (when using a promo code) in late March, so this is the joint-best price we’ve seen recently, rather than the best in its own right.

Read our Casper Essential Mattress review to see if it’s worth buying.

Eve Hybrid Mattress

The current price of the Eve Hybrid mattress – £349 – is the best price we’ve seen in recent weeks, but only just. The mattress costs £499 on Eve’s website, but you can get 30% off when you sign up for Eve’s newsletter. That looks like a huge saving, but the same mattress has recently been available for between £362 and £380 on Amazon, so the real saving isn’t quite as big as it seems.

Find out if it’s any good by reading our Eve Hybrid review.

All prices are for UK doubles and are correct as of 18 April 2019. We also checked mattress prices on 28 March 2019, 4 April 2019 and 11 April 2019.

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