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5 American fridge freezers that are worth your money

Our rigorous fridge freezer tests uncover models that offer plenty of space for food but don't cost a fortune to run

An American fridge freezer is a stunning and practical centrepiece for the kitchen of your dreams. They're not cheap though so before you buy, make sure you check out the ones we recommend.

Our list of high-scoring models includes a large fridge freezer from Haier with a handy vacation mode, along with a feature-packed Samsung that has a large display and an internal camera for tracking the use-by dates on your food.

Read on as we shine the spotlight on five American fridge freezers that performed brilliantly in our expert tests.

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At a glance: great American fridge freezers

  • Pricey but outstanding: Samsung Family Hub RS6HA8891SL/EU – has a big display and a camera on the inside for monitoring use-by dates. Buy it now at AO.com (£2,099), Currys (£2,099) and Argos (£2,100).
  • Amazing value: Fridgemaster MS83430FFS – an affordable fridge freezer with frost-free technology and fast freeze. Buy it now at AO.com (£469) and Very (£469).
  • Good in hot or cold rooms: Samsung RS67A8810WW/EU – a frost-free model that allows you to turn the freezer compartment into another fridge space. Buy it now at Appliance City (£999) and Argos (£1,330).
  • Energy efficient for lower bills: Haier HTF-508DGS7 – a large fridge freezer that's more energy efficient than most. Buy it now at AO.com (£1,299), Appliance City (£1,299) and John Lewis (£1,599)
  • Quiet and spacious: LG GSLD50DSXM – a double-door fridge freezer with no-frost technology. Buy it now at Appliance City (£1,199) and Currys (£1,299).

Samsung Family Hub RS6HA8891SL/EU – pricy but outstanding

Available from: AO.com (£2,099), Currys (£2,099), Argos (£2,100)

Samsung Family Hub RS6HA8891SL/EU

We like: Powerful, speedy freezer, plenty of hi-tech features

We don't like: The drawers aren't always easy to use

This side-by-side fridge freezer has a remarkable number of features. For starters, you'll spot a massive display on the right-side door, which you can use to adjust the temperature if you need to. It also lets you control other connected gadgets around your house, or play music while you're chopping up onions.

The Samsung Family Hub has an ice and water dispenser on the freezer door. During our lab tests, we quickly realised there was plenty of space to use up – we crammed in 23 carrier bags of food onto its shelves.

A camera inside this American fridge freezer pairs with the Samsung smartphone app, where you can track use-by dates for your food. If you're a keen cook who isn't afraid to try new things, you can also use the app to look up recipes based on what you have sat on the shelves.

With so many hi-tech features, is this model genuinely worth the high price? see our Samsung Family Hub RS6HA8891SL/EU review for the details.

Fridgemaster MS83430FFS – amazing value

Available from: AO.com (£469), Very (£469)

Fridgemaster MS83430FFS

We like: Reasonably efficient, keeps temperature stable in hot and cold rooms

We don't like: Not many drawers in the freezer

This American fridge freezer has five shelves in the fridge and three drawers for your bottles. The freezer has another five main drawers, a drawer at the bottom and four door trays. You're getting plenty of space for less than £500.

According to Fridgemaster, the multi air-flow system helps keep the distribution of cold air even throughout. We found this fridge freezer to be fairly energy-efficient, too, which will help to keep your bills under control.

Our rigorous lab tests measure the amount of noise each fridge freezer makes, and this one remains quiet while it's running. You can kick back and relax in the living room without hearing a hum from the kitchen.

To see how this American fridge freezer performed in our test lab, check in with our Fridgemaster MS83430FFS review.

Samsung RS67A8810WW/EU – good in hot or cold rooms

Available from: Appliance City (£999), Argos (£1,330)

Samsung RS67A8810WW/EU

We like: Lots of power to cool fresh food, impressive climate stability, quiet

We don't like: Lack of adjustable shelving

If you're shopping for a fridge freezer that maintains a steady temperature, consider adding this Samsung model to your shortlist. It features frost-free technology (so no need to defrost it manually), along with an ice and water dispenser on the freezer door.

This American fridge freezer is delightfully versatile. If you need more fridge space, you can turn off the freezer compartment completely, raise the temperature and convert it into fridge space. To speed up the cooling process when needed, you can use the digital controls inside the fridge. 

To ensure this fridge freezer doesn't use up too much energy when idle for long periods of time, it has a holiday mode – read our full review to see if it performs well.

For more on this American fridge freezer from Samsung, see our Samsung RS67A8810WW/EU review.

Haier HTF-508DGS7 – energy efficient for lower bills

Available from: AO.com (£1,299), Appliance City (£1,299), John Lewis (£1,599)

Haier HTF-508DGS7

We like: Freezes fresh items rapidly, stable in hot and cold rooms, versatile storage space

We don't like: Awkward to clean

This is a large fridge freezer with a handy 'switch zone' that can be set between +5 and 20°C depending on whether you need extra fridge or freezer space. It has four doors, each with a stylish glass finish – two for the fridge at the top and another two for the freezer below.

The fridge has three glass shelves, a hanging bottle rack and three door racks. There's a chiller compartment as well, which has independent temperature control and pre-programmed settings for preserving specific types of food including cheese, fruit and meat.

Other features worth mentioning include a child lock, fast-freeze and super-cool settings, plus an alarm that sounds automatically if you accidentally leave a door open (we've all done it!).

How did this Haier fridge freezer fare when we ran it through our rigorous lab tests? Our Haier HTF-508DGS7 review tells you everything you need to know.

LG GSLD50DSXM – quiet and spacious

Available from: Appliance City (£1,199), Currys (£1,299)


We like: Quick to chill, extremely accurate, lots of room inside

We don't like: It can be a nuisance to clean

Last but not least on our list of American fridge freezers is this double-door model from LG, arriving in a sleek, dark graphite finish. It has a dispenser that provides cold water and crushed or cubed ice.

Both the fridge and the freezer segments are no-frost – we managed to stuff 15 carrier bags of food into the fridge, and another eight in the freezer. If you're shopping for a fridge freezer that meets the demands of a large family, this LG is worth a closer look.

Just like the Haier model we mentioned above, this American fridge freezer has a child lock and an alarm that alerts you if you accidentally leave a door open.

Find out more on this fridge freezer's key strengths by exploring our full  LG GSLD50DSXM review.

To find out which fridge freezers have aced our tests to earn a Best Buy title, explore our guide to the best fridge freezers

Our fridge freezers expert says

Lisa Galliers, Which? fridge freezer expert

‘Show-stopping American fridge freezers look great and can promise the end to an overflowing fridge or crammed freezer thanks to cavernous capacities. But, with an average price of over £1,100 for the ones we’ve tested, you need to choose wisely.

These behemoths use plenty of power around the clock – the most inefficient ones can push up your electricity bills much more than a standard freestanding model. Our fridge freezer reviews tell you which ones are energy efficient, have quick chilling and freezing power, plus the models that maintain temperature when your kitchen heats up or cools down.’

Lisa Galliers, Which? fridge freezer expert

How we test fridge freezers

By consulting our expert reviews as you're searching for a new fridge freezer, you can be sure you're getting fantastic value for money. Our selection of Best Buy fridge freezers nail the essentials, scoring top marks for cooling power, temperature stability, ease of use and a host of other measures.

When reviewing fridge freezers, we answer important questions including:

  • How quickly will the fridge freezer chill and freeze food? In our lab, we set the room temperature to 25°C and part-fill the fridge freezer with gel packs. Once those have cooled, we add even more – roughly equivalent in size to what you would buy during a top-up shop for fresh food – and record the time taken for the packs to cool.
  • How much will the fridge freezer add to my energy bills? Our experts measure how much energy the fridge freezer uses to keep cool over 24 hours, as well as how much it uses to chill and freeze fresh food. Then we calculate what this is likely to add to your energy bill.
  • How much food does the fridge freezer hold? Although manufacturers make claims over storage space, we prefer to test this for ourselves. When measuring storage capacity, we leave everything in place and tell you the amount of space you can actually use for storing groceries.

Explore our guide on the best fridge freezers to pick the perfect model for you.

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