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5 washing machines that impress Which?

Our in-depth washing machine reviews highlight the models that wash away grime to leave your clothes looking pristine 

With so many washing machines battling for your attention, it pays to do your research. To help you pick the perfect washing machine for you, we've rounded up five models from big-name brands that impressed during our lab tests.

There's plenty of variety in our list of high-scoring models – we've included a brainy Samsung that can be operated directly from your smartphone, alongside a high-capacity LG model with a steam setting that doesn't just clean clothes but also sterilises bacteria and reduces allergens.

Read on as we take a closer look at five washing machines that performed brilliantly in our expert tests or explore our guide on the best washing machines to pick the perfect model for you.

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At a glance: great washing machines

  • Great value: Bosch WAJ28008GB – a freestanding washing machine with a dedicated button for reducing the duration of your program choice. Buy it now at Appliance City (£369), AO.com (£356) and Currys (£369).
  • Extra-large loads: LG FH4G1BCS2 – offers up bigger-than-average capacity, making it well-suited to larger households. Buy it now at Amazon (£959), Marks Electrical (£999) and Appliance City (£999).
  • Integrated: Bosch WIW28300GB – features a large digital display showing wash times and spin speeds. Buy it now at Appliance Centre (£698) and Sonic Direct (£699).
  • Inexpensive to run: Samsung WW80T554DAW/S1 – the AddWash door lets you add items to the wash after a program has started. Buy it now at Very (£549), Currys (£549) and John Lewis (£549).
  • Brilliant at shifting stains: Hotpoint NSWR963CGKUK – includes a program with an anti-allergy setting to clean away potential irritants such as pollen. Buy it now at Currys (£399). 

Bosch WAJ28008GB – great value

Available from: Appliance City (£369), AO.com (£356), Currys (£369)

Bosch WAJ28008GB

We like: Cleans very well, wash programs are fairly short

We don't like: Other models are more energy efficient

A freestanding washing machine from Bosch that should fit nicely in a medium-sized household – it has a 7kg cotton and 4kg mixed load capacity, plus the typical programs covering cotton, synthetic, delicate, wool, silk and dark washes. At less than £400, this could be worth considering if you don't want to spend on extra fancier features you may not use.

This washing machine has a handy SpeedPerfect button, which lets you reduce the duration of your program choice. That's a useful feature if you're limited on time and need your clothes ready to go.

The Bosch WAJ28008GB also has a digital display that shows the time left on your wash, as well as a 24-hour delay if you want the machine to finish the wash at a time that suits you.

This washing machine ticks the 'affordable' box, but are there any stand-out features? See our Bosch WAJ28008GB review for more.

LG FH4G1BCS2 – extra-large loads

Available from: Amazon (£959), Marks Electrical (£999), Appliance City (£999)


We like: Rinses well, easy to use, quieter than many other washing machines

We don't like: Water use is high

If you're looking for a washing machine to tackle big piles of laundry, consider this bigger-than-average-capacity model from LG. We saw it deal with around 12kg of cottons, or 5.5kg if you're washing synthetics. You won't spot any buttons on the front of this model as they're tucked on the inside of the floor panel instead.

Glance at the digital display and you'll see how much time is remaining on your wash. You can also delay the end time by up to 19 hours, meaning you can make sure you're at home when the cycle finishes.

This washing machine is NFC-compatible, which means you can link it to your smartphone and download additional programs or access the manual. The app lets you monitor your wash remotely, so even if you've stepped out of the house you'll know how it's getting on. This LG also has a jet-spray turbo wash and a program to clean the drum.

What else does this high-capacity washing machine have to offer? Check in with our LG FH4G1BCS2 review.

Bosch WIW28300GB – integrated

Available from: Appliance Centre (£698), Sonic Direct (£699)

Bosch WIW28300GB

We like: Great washing and spinning, very easy to use

We don't like: Uses more water than other machines

This washing machine from Bosch has been designed to live in a fitted kitchen, nestled underneath the countertop and behind the cabinet door. It has a 1,400rpm spin cycle to get your washing dry.

When we took a closer look at this washing machine in our test lab, we saw it has enough room inside for most homes. The control panel is extremely easy to use, as well, so you won't need to reach for the manual constantly to work out which button to press. The display shows wash-time remaining, spin speed, the stage the wash has reached and additional wash options such as an extra rinse.

You'll be pleased to hear that this isn't a particularly noisy washing machine. Although the volume goes up when it starts spinning, we've tested other washing machines that are far louder.

Tempted by this integrated washing machine? Read our Bosch WIW28300GB review for more details.

Samsung WW80T554DAW/S1 – inexpensive to run

Available from: Very (£549), Currys (£549), John Lewis (£549)

Samsung WW80T554DAW/S1

We like: AddWash door, good cleaning of cottons, easy to use

We don't like: Programs can be slow

Floating around the £500 mark, this Samsung washing machine has plenty of features for you to play around with. We particularly appreciated the AddWash door, which lets you add forgotten items to your wash even after the program has started.

By downloading the Samsung SmartThings app on your mobile, you can control this model from a distance. Plus, if you already own a SmartThings-compatible tumble-dryer, the two machines can communicate and you'll get drying program suggestions in the palm of your hand, based on the load that's just been washed.

We counted 22 washing programs in total, with notable extras including a steam wash, bubble-soak prewash and 15-minute quick program. You also get special settings for specific fabrics such as woollens, sportswear, towels or denims.

To see if this washing machine impressed our experts enough to become a Best Buy, see our Samsung WW80T554DAW/S1 review.

Hotpoint NSWR963CGKUK – brilliant at shifting stains

Available from: Currys (£399)

Hotpoint NSWR963CGKUK

We like: Shifts stains effectively, rinses well

We don't like: Programs are lengthy, uses more electricity and water than alternatives

This Hotpoint model cleans exceptionally well, cementing its spot in our list of five impressive washing machines. It's a freestanding washing machine with a maximum capacity of 9kg on the cotton wash, and 4.5kg on the synthetics program.

There are plenty of programs to choose between. One of the more unique options is an anti-allergy setting that aims to clean away irritants such as pollen and dust mites. You also have a steam hygiene option and an anti-stain wash that targets dirt at 40ºC.

The digital display on this Hotpoint will tell you how much time is remaining on a wash. You can also delay the start time by up to 24 hours.

Before you part with your money, make sure you explore our Hotpoint NSWR963CGKUK review.

To discover which washing machines have soured through our tests to earn a Best Buy title, explore our guide to the best washing machines.

Our washing machines expert says

'If you need a new washing machine, it pays to invest in a good one – after all, taking care of our clothes means we can keep them for longer. Make sure you choose the right size of washing machine for your household’s needs, so you’re not spending money on a bulky machine with a drum size you’ll struggle to fill. As a general rule, the bigger the washing machine, the more it costs to run.

Our expert tests pinpoint the washing machines that are best at cleaning, most economical to run and have the least environmental impact. Head to our washing machine reviews and look out for our Best Buy and Eco Buy labels.'

Christina Woodger, Which? washing machine expert

How we test washing machines

Referring to our expert reviews as you're shopping for a washing machine will ensure you're getting great value for money. Our selection of Best Buy washing machines score top marks for the features that matter the most – they perform brilliantly for overall cleaning, ease of use and rinsing efficiency.

When reviewing washing machines, we answer important questions including:

  • Does the washing machine remove stains? We challenge every model we test to clean a range of stains, including tough-to-shift blood, grease, ink, milk, oil and rust. The machines are loaded to 80% of their total capacity when washing on the cottons program, and to the full capacity for the synthetics program.
  • Is the washing machine easy to use? We carry out more than 50 ease-of-use assessments that cover the instructions in the manual, loading and unloading the machine, using the detergent drawer, the clarity of the control panel and more.
  • How does the washing machine perform when it comes to energy use? We record how much energy each washing machine uses on both of the wash programs we test. Then, we work out a score for energy based on the amount of laundry they’re washing.

Want to explore other models? Try our full washing machine reviews.

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