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19 Jul 2019

Argos issues Bush double oven safety warning

Argos has warned that unclear connection instructions could pose a potential fire risk

Argos has issued a safety warning for its Bush LSBBDFO Double Oven, after discovering that unclear installation instructions may increase chances of the oven overheating and catching fire.

The unclear instructions in question relate to how to connect the cable for the oven, on page 15 of the instruction manual.

Argos says that incorrect wiring due to unclear instructions leads to a risk of overheating. In 'extreme circumstances', the double oven could catch fire. We've asked Argos whether it's aware of any of these ovens catching fire as a result of the unclear installation instructions, and we'll update this story once we hear back from it.

There's an additional risk that the oven's glass panels could crack if the internal temperature exceeds the tempered glass limit.

The warning applies to both white and black models. The catalogue number for the white double oven is 8629517, and for the black one it's 8629445.

Argos didn't give us an exact number of customers affected, but told us it was in the hundreds.

The warning applies to models purchased before 10 May 2019. Both models are still on sale at Argos, but if you buy one of them from Argos now, it will include modified and clear installation instructions.

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What to do if you own a Bush LSBBDFO double oven

First of all, check when you bought the oven. If you purchased it after 10 May 2019, it should be fine - Argos says that modified instructions were included with all double ovens sold after that date.

If you bought it before this date, Argos gives the following advice:

  • Stop using your oven until the installation has been tested by a qualified engineer.
  • Call 0800 Repair (Argos' trusted partner) to arrange for an engineer to check the connection. You should do this even if the oven was installed by a qualified person. The number for 0800 Repair is 0345 257 7271.
  • For any other queries, contact the Argos customer services team on 0800 0113462.

Argos told us that it's contacting customers to make sure they have the latest safety information and to arrange a time for an engineer to check their oven is installed correctly. Many of these visits have been arranged for next week.

We've asked Argos if customers will still be eligible for the engineer visit if they bought the double oven from another retailer. We'll update this story when we hear back from it.

A reminder for Bush tumble dryer owners

This safety alert is the second one from Argos in the past few weeks.

It recently announced that 17 of its Bush tumble dryers could also pose a risk of catching fire.

If you own a Bush tumble dryer and this is news to you, head straight to our Bush tumble dryer safety notice story for full details and advice on what to do.

Your rights with safety warnings and product recalls

Make sure you're clued up on your product safety rights. Here are some quick tips:

  • It's worth registering your product so that the manufacturer can contact you if there's an issue.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions with each safety warning or product recall.
  • You shouldn't be charged for any work.
  • The manufacturer should give you an idea of how long the process will take.

To become a mastermind on the above, head straight to this guide: What are my rights if there's a safety warning or product recall?